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Lizards Lair


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Welcome back to the lands of the Boar Riders Clan!

As you may or may not know, the Boar Riders Clan has created a small settlement in the area. Their endeavour is not so easy because their settlement is threatened by hostile creatures and tribes like the vicious harpies in the woods.

Recently, the scouts of the clan have discovered another enemy. This time it turns out to be lizardmen that dwell in a swampy area among mangrove trees. They may look a bit primitive, but there are a lot of them and they ride on huge frog like creatures that can jump very far. You will never hear them coming, they simply jump on top of you!

They live in huts that are built on poles, a fair bit above the water. Even lizards do not like wet feet it seems and one can never tell if the odd crocodile or two may drop in and nibble a bit of your toes.

One of the orc scouts was caught and imprisoned by these lizardmen. It is time to deploy the battle boar riders in order to rescue the unlucky orc scout. These warriors ride the mighty trained boars with their sharp tusks and insane muscle power. You do not want to be in front of one when it charges!

Who will win? Will you help the Orcs or are you in favor of the Lizardmen?



The model is built with approximately 1100 bricks.

It has 7 minifigures, several small animals, and 3 big ones (battle boars and frog)


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