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Orcs, Boarriders Clan

Over the years I have read many fantasy books, saw many fantasy films and played many a fantasy game. In most of them, orcs were part of the story. They are usually depicted as muscular , wild brutes but living with a code of honor. I have come to respect them as a race, even though they are usually the enemy.

I wanted to create a small orc settlement, somewhere out in the wilds. A place where they live their lives, hunting and battling rivalling clans. Defending their home against intruders of any kind. Defeating huge monsters of which they use the bones and hides to build their dwellings make their armor.

In this creation there are several items: 

  1. main dwelling (677 bricks)
  2. storage shed (218)
  3. watch tower (407)
  4. animal pen with bull (168)
  5. cooking fire (120)
  6. weapons stand (34)
  7. defense wall (410)
  8. boarriders (91)
  9. supply wagon (170)
  10. eight minfigures
  11. base 48x48 to combine all (240)


Personally I prefer the items combined on a base plate since I only build to display. To play however, it may be better not to use a base plate, since it gives a lot more possibilities for layouts. For that purpose I made the defense wall of seperate parts. One can decide wheter to make a corner or a straight wall. Split it up in two or more parts to defend your settlement or simply add more to create a bigger wall.



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