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Quest Builder, the River Ruins


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After the incredible support for my project: "Quest Builder", it is obvious there are a lot of people out there who liked it :) Thank you all very much for that support ! ( )

More adventures await you, brave heroes! There have been rumors of strange howling coming from the direction of the old ruins along the river. What is going on? Has a group of bandits taken up refuge there? Is it some cult that perform weird rituals? Is that giant spider in league with those villains or do they have to be careful to be hunted as well? Ehm, isn't a gargoyle supposed to be looking away from the wall? It looks suspicious. In any case, it is a brave act for that knight and his henchman to check out the river ruins.

The 21 smaller tiles and one bigger tile  provide a multitude of options to create piece of a river bank with ruins on either one or both sides.


Technical details:

The rooms / tiles are 8x8 studs, the bigger tile is 16x16

The total amount of bricks used: 1260

I tried to create as much playroom as possible and still have a nice amount of foliage/clutter that ruins usually have.



The set would be great for people who like role playing games. The set would also fit in any medieval setting. Many an adventure can be played in the ruins. They may be haunted, they could be a hideout for bandits or some weird cult. The residents could be werewolves! Who wouldn't want to investigate those ruins?


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