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Quest Builder, the Swamp


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Welcome back Quest Builder!

After the incredible response and a gain of over 9500 votes in just about a day for my project: "Quest Builder", it is obvious there are a lot of people out there who liked it :) Thank you all very much for that support ! ( )

Several people requested outdoors settings, so here is an example of that. Swamps can be a dangerous place, but also a very beautiful place. Many plants and animals live there but not all of them are friendly!

Some things you can find in the swamp:

  • wet and dry patches
  • different sorts of plants and trees
  • a hut made of twigs, the door can open as well as one roof part
  • several different animals
  • rickety bridges to cross the murky waters

In this set there are 3 minifigures:

  • A female dagger expert, she is extremely skilled with those weapons!
  • A bog dweller
  • A snake man (for lack of a nicer name)



Welcome new Quest Builders

Welcome to this fantasy project. The tiles provide a multitude of options to create a small swamp. Many an adventure can be played here. What special potion ingredients could be found here? What happened to the bog dwellers? Is this a place where villains hide or plan their evil actions?

No one knows, except YOU, Quest Builders!

With this set you can create your own swamp for the heroes to investigate. There are dozens of possible layouts and setups.


Technical details:

The tiles are 8x8 studs.

The total amount of bricks used: 719.

I tried to use as few bricks as possible and still get "swampy" look on a fair amount of tiles.



The set would be great for people who like role playing games. Swamps are always a bit mysterious because they are not very accessible. Who knows what poisons can be harvested or what secrets could be hidden. Maybe a bog dwelling hermit has secret ingredients for powerfull potions. Maybe he is a kind druid, maybe he is a vicious creature defending his home. What is that snake man doing there? Did he murder the bog dweller? (decided to add him after renders were done)



Would you like to be a quest builder?

You can help by voting for this project (blue support button). The goal is 10.000 so every vote counts! Please tell your friends about this project or share on social media. Thank you for checking out this project!


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