Become a LEGO Fan designer

The journey of becoming a LEGO Fan designer is incredibly challenging and requires a unique brick-built concept, solid planning, a boatload of determination, as well as a healthy amount of patience.
It can take up to several years and you will have to work hard to build awareness of your project until it gains the necessary 10,000 supporters. But, oh, the fame and fantastic sense of achievement that awaits you if your idea goes all the way!

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Become a LEGO Ideas Designer

Getting started

1. Have a great idea

The idea is the key! Give us your best shot...and make sure it stands out from the crowd.

2. Read the guidelines

It's vital to make sure in advance that your idea follows the rules.

3. Check for Intellectual Property

Make sure that it's okay to submit your idea.

4. Build it

Build it, either with actual LEGO bricks or using your favorite virtual building tool.

5. Submit

Take great photos and write a lively description of your build, submit - and wait for our approval.

Share and Engage

6. Engage

Share your idea, build a buzz around it and aim to gain the required 10,000 supporters.

7. 10K CLUB

Welcome to the 10K club! Your project will now be reviewed by our experts.

8. Approved for Production

Time to collaborate with LEGO designers to finalize your set and get it ready for the store shelves.

9. Glory and Recognition

Be a star and sign autographs for your fans at the official LEGO Ideas signing event.

Meet LEGO Fan Designers

Leandro Tayag Voltron 21311

"I was very happy about it as I wasn't really expecting it to reach 10,000. It was actually nerve-racking at times, in a good way."

Leandro Tayag

"At 9,996 supporters I had to go to a meeting, but in my mind I was yelling Yabba Dabba Doo! I was excited to find when I got back to my computer that I had met the 10K goal."

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark The Flintstones 21316
Máté Szabó Steamboat Willie 21317

"It's truly amazing. I'm still processing the fact that it's real now and I still have to get used to the spectacle when I see the boxes on the shelves."

Máté Szabó

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