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Quest Builder, the Harbour


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Welcome Quest Builder !

After the incredible support for my project: "Quest Builder", it is obvious there are a lot of people out there who liked it :) Thank you all very much for that support ! ( )

Your journey, however, is far from over, brave heroes! More adventures and quests await you in this little harbour town. Every adventurer needs supplies at some time and plenty items can be obtained here. Yet while walking around you may notice a few less savory characters. Is there more to this harbour that it seems? Is it a nest of thieves, smugglers and pirates? Where would their base be?

In this set I combined a small town and a sewer system beneath it. Both can be used independently or combined to create a harbour (or part of a town). Several houses of the town are modular as well, to create even more options to play.


some items you can see:

  • market stalls with various goods
  • waterside crane
  • lampposts with lanterns
  • loads of barrels and crates ready to be shipped
  • blacksmith / armour smith
  • storage sheds
  • warehouses
  • merchant houses
  • trapdoor down to the sewer
  • sewer inlets
  • sewer pipes
  • secret wall
  • 8 minifigures that can either be used as hero, enemy or as citizen of the town


The 58 tiles  provide a multitude of options to create a small harbour town or sewer. Many an adventure can be played here like: pirates attacking the town, people being robbed or murdered, town council asking to deal with a bunch of smugglers etc.


Technical details:

The rooms / tiles are 8x8 studs

The total amount of bricks used is just below 3k

I used relatively low walls to stay within a reasonable amount of bricks and still have a multitude of rooms. Furthermore the lower walls make it easier to see when playing. The tiles of the houses can be swapped out, so the roof of the warehouse also fits the merchants house for example. Houses can be made multiple storeys high.



The set would be great for people who like role playing games. Who wouldn't want to battle a pirate or crawl through sewers in search of stolen treasure?

Even if you do not like role playing games, the harbour can be used in any medieval setting or simply used as a nice display.


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