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Orcs, Harpy Hunt


Welcome to the world of Orcs,

The boarriders clan have settled somewhere in the wilds as you can see here :

Their settlement is far from secure and dangers lurk all around them. In the woods the scouts have spotted a big amount of harpies. They are quite hostile and attack regularly. It is high time for some action and teach those vicious harpies a lesson.

Not everything is going according to plan though. Slaying them is not so easy since the harpies live in high trees. Harpies are experts in dive attacks and one of the orc fighters was lifted up in the air. He held on to his axe a while but now he let go, thus falling down fast. That will cause a few bruises!

Another orc is trying to get away with harpy eggs (rumours say they make a good omelet) but a harpy is chasing him. The only one that may have some succes is the archer.

It looks like they could use a hand. Maybe YOU will help the orcs to a victory?




If you would like to help the orcs, press the blue support button (free), answer a few questions and your vote is complete.

Thank you for visiting!

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