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Manor Hall


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Welcome adventurers

The manor hall is a place with many possible layouts and battles to be fought. The many different elements and the furniture can be placed where ever you like to create the scene you prefer. Whether that be a battleground, a place for relaxation, or something else is up to you.



The amount of bricks used is 1000. The floor elements are 8x8 studs. The scene on the front page is 24 x 40 studs.



The set can be used as a stand alone display. It can be used with castle-medieval sets or as a playground for role playing gamers.


Additional info

The two monsters would not be included in the set. The instructions can be downloaded here :

Please let me know if the link doesn't work.



Would you like to create your own hall? Please press that big blue support button on the right and help to raise the amount of votes. Only with your help this can become a reality! Feel free to share on social media. Thank you for your time.


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