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Quest Builder, the Mine


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Welcome back Quest Builder !

After the incredible response and a gain of over 9500 votes in just about a day for my project: "Quest Builder", it is obvious there are a lot of people out there who liked it :) Thank you all very much for that support ! ( )

I was already working on more settings and I read as many comments to "Quest Builder" as I could to get some pointers. Some I tried to apply in this project. So, this time I chose a female elf priestess (Jenn/archer is female as well b.t.w.) and a dark skinned human axe wielder. There is also an angry rock elemental, ready to toss heavy chunks of metal in your face if you dare to enter his domain.

The set, as you can see, is also smaller (as suggested by many) so that it may be more affordable. The mine uses the same scale and setup as "Quest Builder" however and could be combined with no problem.


Some items you can find in the rooms:

  • straight and curved tracks for mining carts
  • gold vein
  • wooden support beams in the corners and sometimes overhead
  • rickety scaffolding in the large room and a ladder up
  • rotating crane to lift the heavy stuff from and to the higher layer
  • tools and supply boxes (one opens)
  • derailed mining cart with spilled ore
  • special rock with highly prized crystal inside (can be extracted)
  • spider and bat


Welcome new Quest Builder !

Welcome to this fantasy project. The rooms provide a multitude of options to create a small mine. Many an adventure can be played here. What precious metal or gems could be found here? Why is the mine abandoned? Is it really abandoned or have the miners fled? From what? 

No one knows, except YOU, Quest Builder!

With this set you can create your own mine and lairs for the heroes to investigate. There are dozens of possible layouts and setups. You can place the rooms in any sequence desired to create the setup you like. With the large room you have the option to create a multi layered mine as well.


Technical details:

The rooms are 8x8 studs, the large room 16x16.

The total amount of bricks used are 748. The large room has 320, the small "rooms" 413

I used relatively low walls to stay within a reasonable amount of bricks and still have a multitude of rooms. Furthermore the lower walls make it easier to see the dungeon when playing. The rooms can be placed on top of each other and the doors can open and close. I used square rooms out of practical reasons for storage and it is easier to make a layout.



The set would be great for people who like role playing games. Anyone who feels a little adventurous at times would love to explore a mysterious mine!


Would you like to be a quest builder?

You can help by voting for this project (blue support button). The goal is 10.000 so every vote counts! Please tell your friends about this project or share on social media. Thank you for checking out this project!

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