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Quest Builder, the Crypts


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Welcome Quest Builder!

After the incredible support for my project: "Quest Builder", it is obvious there are a lot of people out there who liked it :) Thank you all very much for that support ! ( )

I hope you have a bit of garlic and a wooden stake at hand because you may need them when you explore the ancient graveyard crypts. A vile creature has taken up residence here and has gathered some minions. Several undead creatures now roam the place where at one time, brave heroes were buried. Simply being near the site nowadays will give you goosebumps and shivers down your spine.

Two brave heroes have gathered enough courage to attempt to abolish these foul creatures. Will they succeed or will they fail and become yet another soldier in a growing army of undead?

The 28 smaller tiles and one bigger tile  provide a multitude of options to create different crypts setups.


Technical details:

The rooms / tiles are 8x8 studs, the bigger tile is 16x16

The total amount of bricks used: 1422

The front page setup fits on a 32x32 baseplate so it can be easily stored or carried.

I tried to create as much playroom as possible and still have a nice amount of clutter that builders usually like.



The set would be great for people who like role playing games. The set would also fit in any medieval or fantasy setting. Many an adventure can be played that involves a creepy hillside with an abandoned graveyard. Who doesn't enjoy a good horror story about vampires, raising the dead, zombies and ghouls running rampage. It takes a brave soul to face these horrors and withstand the shrieks of an enraged banshee. Are you that brave soul?


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