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Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone



Happy Valentines day, everybody! The Sonic movie is out now, so you should go watch it. Congrats to everyone who worked on it for a certified fresh movie!!

It's been interesting watching the movie develop alongside this project, so I feel a sense of pride-by-association just thinking about it. I can't wait to see it (EDIT: Next week!), so just to say that I'll be reporting any comments made in the next week that contain spoilers for it!

Hope you have a goodn', everybody - whether you're alone on a Friday night or having a fun time with the people you care about, know that we're all in this together. It's exciting knowing we're almost to the home stretch - just a little further... ^u^

Also, 10 days until the anniversary!! See you then~

Proud of that pun


EDIT: Much thanks to Neo Hazard at fansite Sonic Retro for doing a project spotlight on this concept! Take a look if you're curious as to some of the stuff behind the scenes of the project, or wanna see some of my earliest working shots I took while developing this!

Somehow, we pretty much immediately jumped up from 80% to 85%, and it's totally my fault that I was completely unprepared!

So, here's a piece of art I've been working on since I passed it that I actively challenged myself to render in a visually interesting fashion! Pure filled in outlines may be quick to do, but the closer we get to the end, the more fine detail I think is appropriate to indulge in. Yeah, it's not a build - we're so close to the finish line and I'm so happy with how the January 2020 update turned out that I don't think it'd be right to suggest any further changes unless I think of something particularily essential and refined. You understand, right? I don't wanna muddy the waters now we've truly found our footing.

In any case, I'm very thankful that not one but two members of the 10k Club, Brick Project and Ben Alder, both chose to share my Idea onwards, along with over six hundred people on Twitter - AND the Ideas team, who had this and my very first Activity entry both visible in the most recent Platform Update blog post's images!! The more this looks like it's going to happen, the more I am in debt to everyone around me who's chosen to back this concept. Thank you so, so much TuT

This project has a few events coming up. One is an interview and spotlight with a certain Sonic fansite, and that should go up any day now (EDIT: See the top of this post!) - then I'll take a bit of time to hibernate cuz of the Sonic movie's advertising blitz. But you know what happens once that all dies down? It'll be the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this project's publication. What do I have in store, you ask? Well...

You'll have to wait until February 24th to find out <3

Of course, I'd be foolish to leave this Update off without shouting out all the Ideas that have reached 10k since the last one. The UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the SpaceX Falcon 9, the Studgate train station, the minifig-scaled Gemini capsule, and... oh, the humanity! It may be a wonderful day, but a horrible goose has broken into the LEGO Ideas offices and is knocking over all the completed projects! Will Sonic be fast enough to stop them, or will the dastardly bird cause a world of trouble for him too!?

I make zero apologies for the reference


Eight thousand supporters, huh? Absolutely wild. Thank you SO much, everybody!

No new builds because I kind of expected it to take a little longer than literally two weeks since the 75% update, and also because I exhausted all my build energy making sure the January 2020 update was as good as could possibly be, so I hope you enjoy this throwback... both to the early days of the project when I didn't know what to do for updates and just did sketches instead, and to vintage memes. :P

Congrats to the Mary Poppins and Cybertruck projects for reaching 10k! Hope to join you soon ;D

75% + the January 2020 Update!


Yeah, that's right. After about 10 months of minor Updates, I figured it was high time to incorporate what I've learned into the main face of the project!

The LEGO Ideas team have been working very hard this past year, and the ability to update Product Ideas directly with new images and descriptions rather than simply adding to an embedded blog is quite frankly a lifesaver. Over time I'd become less and less enamoured with some of the decisions encapsulated in the original pitch for this concept, such as Sonic using short legs, the fact that the modules conncted with plus axles rather than frictionless pins, and the blocky shape of the Egg Robot - so I'm happy to report that all of those things have been fixed!

The Egg Robot now uses twin Technic Panels 87080 and 87086 to provide a more graceful shaping and sturdy construction to its front panel, rather than Curved Windscreen 41751 and a collection of plates and slopes attached only by a few studs and clips - plus a brick-built moustache! And as much-requested, Sonic uses the coveted medium length legs I was worried that would be restricted to a handful of licensed themes, now that they've been showing up in more and more sets since their introduction in late 2018. But that's not all...

Due to my improvements to the Eggman Robot seriously reducing the number of parts needed by about 100, there was plenty of room to expand the set concept without going way over budget. The big appeal increase comes with the introduction of the Heavy Magician and Heavy Gunner! Some compromises have been made to their designs since the Hard Boiled Heavy team-up in the 55% update in order to make them not require too many specialised (recoloured/stickered/printed) parts each, but they're recognisably themselves and maintain their fantastic play value.

Slightly less glamorously, there are also now four modules instead of two - the spring and palm tree module has been split into two half-size, more flexible modules, a very popular bridge module has been included from one of my minor updates, and the loop-de-loop module has gotten a major aesthetic makeover. And that's not where it stops...

People really, really, really loved my Hard Boiled Heavy and additional module Updates, and I wasn't sure how to work them all into a design update of the main project without making it way too expensive or parts-heavy. Then it hit me - much like Creator sets, it's totally possible to incorporate them into an alternate build with only about 20 more pieces!

To that end, I introduce to you all the "Encore mode" build - featuring all three remaining Hard Boiled Heavies (including the Rider, now with Jimmy the Motobug!), four more modules, the Master Emerald, the Tornado, and an Eggman Bomb with catapault - together using about 70% of the parts in the main design. Quite frankly, that's an absurd amount of play value in one set, isn't it? If this project gets approved, you might even want to get two copies just to get the full experience ;D

Of course, the impetus for this update definitely shouldn't be forgotten: we're 75% (well, almost 77% now!) of the way to the goal. That's incredible; thank you all so very, very much for helping this project out, and it couldn't be anywhere near as good as it is now without your love and support.

I hope you enjoy the redesign as much as I did working on it! For those who want to look at the old version to see how far we've come, check this Flickr album! <3



Just a small Update to let y'alls know I haven't forgotten about this project.

Yes, I have noticed what milestone we just hit - but I'm not going to draw too much attention to it right this second. I've got a big thing coming for this, don't you worry - but it won't be ready until early January. In the meantime, here's a teaser~

I hope you all have a wonderful winter tidings, whatever you celebrate <3

(Congrats to the Winter Chalet, Toronto Subway Train and Clockwork Aquarium projects for reaching 10k, too!)



Remember when I did a mini-build for the first trailer? I had to for the second one now they're no longer using that demon as the model. :P

Congrats to the BIONICLE and Huascar projects for reaching 10k, by the way! <3



Seventy percent!?

Yeah, that's right. We're about as far away from our goal as we were close to it at the end of the first week - 3000 people then, 7000 now. A good half a year or so between those two points, but I have faith it won't be too much longer now. Thank you all so much c:

I'd planned this celebratory image out for a while. It makes a lot of poetic sense, doesn't it? A fantastic moment with one golden Hedgehog and seven mystical objects of great power making the difference between the Phantom King and Eggman's battle for dominance, but not quite the end of the story - because there's still Forces and Mania Adventures/Plus to follow.

Of particular note is that Sonic now has mid-length articulated legs, to convey that he's shorter than Modern Sonic while still being articulated! The main pics still need to be updated, but I'd prefer to have everything polished up at once rather than rerender for only one minor change. That'll be along soon enough!

Also relevant - congrats to the Typewriter, Rattatouie, and the Planet Express ship for crossing 10k! ^u^

Again, thank you all so much for your support. See you again soon! <3




Six thousand, six hundred, and sixty seven people - all agreeing that my build is cool and that they'd want to own it. Thank you all so much!!

S' a big number. A downright terrifying number, to some degree. How did we even get this far? It's been about seven months since the project started, and the fact that more people keep on showing up still surprises me. Like, I still get bamboozled every time I think about it.

As a token of my thanks - I've started designing the three Phantom Heavies who haven't already basically been built, starting with the Phantom Gunner. This'll be what I do for the milestones going forward! ^u^

Some important things to mention - congrats to Seinfeld 30th Anniversary, the BotW Stables, and Queen projects for reaching 10k since the last review, and best wishes to the Typewriter that looks to be the next one to join them. All the best in review!

In any case, I hope you're all having a wonderful day - and let us continue onwards and upwards. <3



Watch out for the spikes as the Newtron tries to stop you from getting up to the moving platform!

Hi all - sorry for my absence lately. I had a fun time with some friends and then a bunch of examination resits to contend with, and just as I'd sat down to design a new Module the Ideas team only went and gave me Staff Pick and I had to scramble to give them my proper thanks! I'm reasonly recupterated now, though, and I think you'll agree it's worth the wait.

It's lots of fun designing modules with action functions; interestingly, this is the first one with a geared system per my BIONICLE heritage. The platform really does move up and down with each twist thanks to a frictionless technic beam piston! The little extra touches make it fun, as well - the spike pit ala that one section in the original act 3, and the spiky bush to decorate things.

The Newtron is one of those extremely elegant Badnik designs, and I think it's almost as pleasing as my Motobug build. It doesn't use a single new part design or colour so you can build it right now, and it pegs using its 3mm legs into the little headlight bricks to clutch onto the wall before rocketing off and giving you a bad time.

Thanks for your interest and help, everyone! I don't know when the next build Update will be, but I do know we're closing in on the two thirds mark, which is super impressive. My birthday is later this month... can we reach it by the 19th? ;D



Thanks for staff pick! <3

Quick update today. I'm still busy as a bee, but when I got the email telling me this had happened I couldn't NOT react.

LEGO Ideas editorial team, thank you all so very, very much for your kindness and discretion! It is absolutely my honour to have this project be today's staff pick, and I hope you're all having as nice a day as you've just made mine. ^u^

Or, in other words - virtual chili-dogs recieved. <3