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Sonic The Hedgehog: Egg Wrecker


Sonic The Hedgehog: Egg Wrecker

Hey Sonic fans!

This is my second project, the first one was Sonic the Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone (Support it!) In that project, I promised a Boss battle for green hill zone. So, here it is.


This project is pretty simple, the main part of it was the egg wrecker, which is the flying ship with the wrecking ball. As you can see it needs three things: a Sonic minifigure, a Eggman minifigure, and stickers for the egg wrecker. These would be included in the set. Same as my last project, the rings are just ninja stars, (for some reason The Hobbit rings aren't in Lego Digital designer) so it would need those too. Please support this and my other Sonic projects, and comment ANY ideas for improvement. 

BTW I promised if my last project got twenty supporters that I would make a sonic vs metal sonic set, and that is on it's way. I have also decided to do a METAL series. Hero Factory style metal sonic, mecha tails, and metal knuckles. If all my projects together get over 100 supporters, I will make a giant project: The Death Egg!

Keep on juicin' (and buildin') everybody!

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