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Lego Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Dr.Eggman


Sonic the Hedgehog is still a beloved character since the year that it was first launched in 1991. I’ve put a lot of effort and patience to make sure that it was durable, a legal build, and accurate. This set took me three years from 2016 through the beginning of 2018. I find that this set will be more accurate then actual toy products they’ve been releasing till this day.

Though Dr. Eggman’s mech is not the original “egg-destroyer”, it still lives up to it’s impressive design and durability.

This set has accurate playability based on popular events that were inspired from the sonic games and t.v. Shows. There will be three more characters added to the set such as Orbot, Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Tails. I know adults and children will love this set, either to display, play, or to take apart for other mocs.

With your support this set can be on shelves next year. Thank you for taking the time to read this, keep on building master builders :)

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