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An INCREDIBLE 26 Product Ideas Qualify for the First 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

TWENTY-SIX....TWO-SIX....26. That's right! That's the number of Product Ideas that have managed to hit the 10,000 supporter milestone during this part review period and we're utterly flabbergasted considering we tend to see between 9-12 Product Ideas in review!

These 26 product ideas have hit the 10,000 supporter milestone between the months of early January 2020 and today's review qualification date, the May 4th 2020. A massive congratulations to all members who've hit this big milestone.

We look forward to celebrating all the 10K Club members through the 10K Club Interview series. Due to the sheer number of members with projects in review we will need to start very soon and there may even be weeks with 2 interviews at a time.

Have a favourite or perhaps multiple favourites? Let us know in the comments what you're hoping will make it through this review.

We would also like to say thanks to everyone who has found some distraction in joining us here on LEGO Ideas over these last few difficult months. Whether you're here to submit, support, comment or just be inspired by LEGO fan creations, it means a lot to us that you want to spend time with us and this creative and talented community.



1. Mary Poppins, Cherry Tree Lane by Disneybrick55


2. Tesla Cybertruck by BrickinNick


3. Untitled Goose Game by A Fellow Player

4. UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Norders


5. The Train Station: Studgate by Bricky_Brick 


6. SpaceX Falcon 9 (Saturn V Scale) by Lego_Aviator


7. Mini-fig Scale Project Gemini by Stevenhoward27


8. Retro Bowling Alley by Astronaut Avila


9. Indiana Jones Trilogy by BenBuildsLego

10. Bricks & Blooms by Bricked1980


11. Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone by toastergrl


12. The Great Fishing Boat by EdouardClo


13. Knight Rider - KITT by Jimmi-DK


14. Snow-groomer PRINOTH LEITWOLF by redera00


15. The Castle in the Forest by poVoq


16. Coraline's Pink Palace Apartments by Hwachtman


17. Historically Accurate Rome by daevead


18. Ruined House by kirteem


19. Spongebob Squarepants - The Krusty Krab by ExeSandbox


20. Working Waterfall - with Continuous Flowing Water! by LEGOParadise

21. Queen - The Miracle Express by Artistic Shadow


22. Futurama Planet Express Headquarter, Spaceship and the Crew by ThomasW


23. The Iron Giant - 20th Anniversary Edition by BrettCuv


24. The Legend of Zelda BotW: Hyrule Castle by BrickGallery


25. Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket, Launch Tower & Blue Moon Lander - 1/110 Scale Set by Matthew Nolan & Whatsuptoday


26. Earth Globe by Disneybrick55



Third 2019 LEGO Review Results

The LEGO Review Board is working to wrap up the Third 2019 LEGO Review and we look forward to sharing the news with you all as soon as they are ready. Below are the 12 fantastic projects that are currently being reviewed. 

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