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Historically Accurate Rome


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Rome was not build in one day... could you do it with this model?

Discover history's greatest city at its maximum glory and follow the steps of the Emperors along the streets of the Eternal City, with this historically-accurate model of Rome during 4th century A.D. (Costantinian Age).

This micro-scale build is composed of 2840 pieces, and was inspired by Rome's model at the Museum of Roman Civilization.

1. Temple of Claudius

2. Aqua Claudia

3. Colosseum

4. Colossus of Nero

5. Temple of Venus and Roma

6. Basilica of Maxentius

7. Forum Vespasiani

8. Forum Augusti

9. Roman Forum

10. Forum Trajani

11. Trajan's Column

12. Temple of Trajan

13. Temple of Juno Moneta

14. Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus

15. Temple of Hadrian

16. Temple of Madida

17. Arch of Piety

18. Pantheon

19. Baths of Nero

20. Stadium of Domitian

21. Odeum of Domitian

22. Stagnum of Agrippa

23. Temple of Venus Victrix

24. Theatre of Pompey

25. Portico of Pompey

26. Baths of Agrippa

27. Saepta Julia

28. Porticus Divorum

29. Theatre of Balbus

30. Circus Flaminius

31. Portico of Octavia

32. Temple of Apollo and Gellona

33. Theatre of Marcellus

34. Temple of Aesculapius

35. Forum Boarium

36. Temple of Cybele

37. Palace of Tiberius

38. Temple of Jupiter Victor

39. Flavian Palace

40. House of Augustus

41. Temple and Libraries of Apollo

42. Stadium Palatinum

43. Circus Maximus

44. Septizodium

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