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Ruined House


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Ruined House

Hello everybody! I’m glad to introduce you my new project on LEGO Ideas, which refers to a rural house featuring an old, battered, wrecked and ruined appearance.

I have spent a lot of enjoyable hours building this project with LDD, and several more rendering the different views and main objects. It’s been a lot of work, but at the same time it’s been very pleasant too. The main features are set forth below.

Main features

The house comprises a front entrance, a backyard, a ground floor, a first floor and a gable roof. The walls are made with clay bricks coated with plaster. The building’s masonry is greatly shattered, partially collapsed and ruined by aging and severe weather conditions, making visible many of the bricks under the plaster coating and a lot of cracks.   

The set has been designed onto two base plates (32x32 and 16x32).

Front entrance

In front of the house there is a big broken tree trunk, which is next to some agricultural rusty tools. Vegetation, masonry and window panes surround the entrance, blocking the access to the house.


The backyard is on the right side of the house. It is surrounded by a partially collapsed wall, yet still enwrapping a large tree that has grown up without control and that it menaces to fall onto the house. Next to the tree there is an old wooden bench. A brown toad is hidden at the bottom of the backyard.

Ground floor

In the ground floor it may still be distinguished an old kitchen and a dining room. The kitchen still keeps a broken sink, a pair of cupboards, a small gas stove and a fireplace. Some wooden beams of the first floor hang from the ceiling, while others have already fallen onto the kitchen. A door provides access to the dining room, in which there is a wooden staircase partially detached from the wall and that it provides access to the first floor.

First floor

The first floor is so shattered that the rooms cannot be distinguished. Great holes are everywhere on the floor, showing the beams beneath. Very few objects remain on the floor, as for example, a deteriorated chair and a small chest of drawers. Clay bricks, roof tiles, window panes and glass are scattered all around.


The roof  is made of clay roof tiles that have lost their original colour over time. Large pieces of roof have fallen onto the lower floors, leaving great holes behind. The fireplace’s chimney, although visibly deteriorated, still stands on the roof. 

I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!

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