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Bricks & Blooms


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Bricks & Blooms is a LEGO modular, high street garden centre. It is designed to be compatible with existing LEGO modular buildings and is constructed on a 32 x 32 base plate from 2587 pieces.

The model is made up from 3 modular levels featuring a garden centre with fruit and veg stall, a cafe/restaurant and an aquatics department.


Level 1 - Garden Centre

On the ground level is a bustling street scene including a tree, lots of plants, and a bench. The main entrance leads in to the garden centre itself and there is also a fruit and veg stall selling produce to customers passing by on the street.

Inside the building there are plants and gardening tools for sale. At the back of the building is the main outdoor garden centre area selling plants and other gardening products.


Level 2 - Cafe/Restaurant

No garden centre would be complete without a cafe! Level 2 is accessed by steps at the back of the building and includes a detailed kitchen and seating for the minifigures. There is also a small balcony that looks out on to the street below.


Level 3 - Aquatics Department

On level 3 is an Aquatics store with fish, aquariums and a cashier desk. A door at the side of the room leads out on to a small roof terrace area.


Flower Cart, Minifigures and Other Details

The set also includes a flower cart, lawn mower, 6 minfigures and a cat.

Thank you very much for checking out Bricks & Blooms and I hope you like the model enough to give it your support.

If you like this set then I'd be really grateful if you could please check out and support my other LEGO Ideas project as well, "Brick Town Police Station".

Thank you very much!


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