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Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket, Launch Tower & Blue Moon Lander - 1/110 Scale Set


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Our modern space race has a dark horse, the sleek white New Glenn rocket from Blue Origin. Designed to carry people and payloads to Earth orbit, the Moon and beyond, its first launch is expected in 2021.

Like its pioneering astronaut namesake John Glenn, this two-stage vehicle is breaking new ground as we prepare to return to the Moon.

The lunar lander Blue Moon is included as payload, with its four mini rovers. Also included are a large rover, and satellite for deployment en route to the moon.


First stage

  • Seven BE-4 engines.
  • Four fullyactuating aerodynamic control fins.
  • Two wing-like strakes to provide lift and cross-range capability.
  • Six fully actuating landing legs.
  • 877 bricks and 22 decals.
  • Upper core diameter: 8 studs, 6,4cm or 2.5 inches.
  • Lower core diameter: 10 studs, 8cm or 3.14 inches.
  • Height: 59.5 studs, 47.6cm or 18.74 inches.
  • Wingspan: 20.5 studs, 16.4cm or 6.45 inches.


Second stage & Fairing

  • Two BE-3U engines.
  • Locking mechanism to attach to the first stage.
  • A fairing with payload capacity for three unique missions.
  • 316 bricks and 18 decals.
  • Diameter: 8 studs, 6,4cm or 2.5 inches.
  • Height: 77.5 studs, 62cm or 24.4 inches.
  • Wingspan: 15 studs, 12cm or 4.72 inches.



  • Blue Moon lunar lander, with fold out legs and four mini rovers
  • Large rover
  • Satellite
  • 76 bricks 15 decals


Launch Tower

  • Displays New Glenn realistically ready for launch at Cape Canaveral’s LC-36
  • At the top of the tower are rocket clamps, synchronize for release.
  • The tower is articulated at its base, so it can be presented vertical or leaning 15° backward for launch like its real life counterpart.
  • 1406 bricks.



  • Diameter: 8 studs, 6.4cm or 2.5 inches.
  • Height: 99 studs, 79.2cm or 31.10 inches.



  • Length: 28 studs, 22.4cm or 8.66 inches.
  • Width: 16 studs, 12.8cm or 5.03 inches.
  • Height: 3 studs, 2.4cm or 0.94 inch.


Optional Rocket Stand

  • Two colors, white or light bluish grey
  • 102 bricks.
  • Diameter: 26 studs, 20.8cm or 8.18 inches.
  • Height: 9.5 studs, 7.6cm or 2.99 inches.

This collaborative project was created by “Saturn V Lego set” co-designer Valerie Roche  (Whatsuptoday) and her “SpaceX “The Ultimate Collection” & “Starship – Super Heavy” Co-Designer Matthew Nolan.

This 1:110 scale Blue Origin set includes a total of 2675 ordinary Lego bricks

Here you can view all the pictures taken in super HD format (4K) of our design built in real Lego bricks.  Please also visit the project Facebook page.

To find out more, visit Blue Origin, New Glenn and Blue Moon.

In thanks for your support, we’d like you to be part of The Rocket Lego Ideas design team and suggest future enhancement and additions to the fleet. Whether it’s new builds or just an improvement…tell us in the comments and we’ll work to build your suggestions.

Let’s get ready to go to space to benefit Earth!

By refocusing our space program on Mars, we can restore the sense of wonder and adventure in space exploration that we knew in the summer of 1969. We won the moon race; now it's time for us to live and work on Mars, first on its moons and then on its surface.”
Buzz Aldrin

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