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Working Waterfall - with Continuous Flowing Water!


Watch the video below to see it in action!

I've designed a special mechanism to simulate the function of a real life waterfall using a combination of bricks, Technic pieces and motors, all within a 32x32 baseplate!

How It Works
Using transparent blue studs to represent water, they start off by falling into a lake at the base of the waterfall. Next the water flows into the center, where it is carried along a conveyor belt towards the back of the mountain. Inside the mountain is a pair of rubber vehicle tracks attached to motors. When the studs touch the tracks, they are scooped up and pushed upwards by the treads of the track. The water reaches the top and then falls down the waterfall, beginning the cycle again!

Fun Details
Inspired by regions such as the Rocky Mountains and the Alps, I've decorated the waterfall with a variety of minifigure-scale scenes and details! These include:

Cave System - Explorable caverns featuring precious crystals, stalactites & stalagmites, and a winding path that leads under the waterfall all the way to the top!

Mine - An old mining site including plenty of minerals to dig, a mine shaft that can be exploded with dynamite, equipment & supplies, and a minecart filled with gold!

Campsite - A cozy shelter inside the mountain, with camping equipment and a camp fire that actually glows using a light brick!

Landscape - Advanced building techniques make up the cliff rocks that form the mountain, while areas above and below include realistic pine trees and numerous plants. 

Wildlife - Fish can be seen swimming in the river above the waterfall, a bat hangs in the cave, and a golden eagle surveys the landscape as it protects its nest on the cliff!  

This Working Waterfall would make a great LEGO set for all ages. For younger fans, there's plenty of space to enjoy the action-packed play features, while older fans can appreciate the unique construction of the waterfall mechanism. It's also a fantastic display piece that is very unique, unlike any other sets that LEGO currently produces.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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