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Gas Line: The Gas Station


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Inspired from a real place in Amarillo, TX (the first one who finds out the real name of this place wins... all my gratitude), Gas Line: The Gas Station is the latest addition to Pizzburg city, a city I started to build a few years ago.
The building is composed of two parts: a garage and a shop.
The garage provides various tools and tires, allowing to fix cars.
The shop sells newspapers and comics, cowboy hats, cookies, beverages (cans from the famous "Refresh" brand or various soda from the soda fountain), and hot-dogs (the sausage rolling grill ensures the dogs stay hot).
If you don't wanna talk to the owner, you can still get a Refresh bottle from the dispenser located outside.
This gas station also provides gas for your engine and air for your tires.
The set features two cars and a carcass.
Also, feel free to support Pizzburg's other buildings: El Saloon, Fit City and The Motel. Unfortunately, Pizz and Burg have expired, but you can still have a look...

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