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The Motel


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After the Drive-Thru Burger and The Pizza Place, here comes The Motel.
Probably located somewhere along the Route 66, it is typical of the 50s' architecture with its Googie inspired signs.
It is composed of a two story building with four rooms (two with twin beds and two with king size beds) and a lobby where you can also take the breakfast. The breakfast includes coffee, fruit juice and fresh pancake thanks to the automatic pancake machine.
It also comes with a motorbike - and a biker - and two cars; a family car and a sport car, both with a large enough trunk to carry the luggage. 
A food truck allows travelers to order a nice burger and beverage so they can have diner in their room or even by the pool.
Next to the rooms, you can also find an ice dispenser and a soda vending machine.
A button on the side of the terrace allows to activate the light brick hidden under the floor to illuminate the pool. 
Its modular design offers a good playability. You can even buy two sets to double the motel capacity.

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