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FitCity: The Fitness Center


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A new building appeared in Pizzburg : FitCity, the fitness center.

It includes all the equipment needed for a good workout:
  • training bikes,
  • bench press,
  • chest,
  • shoulder,
  • leg curling,
  • back,
  • leg press.

These machines each have moving parts, so you can exercise "for real".
The club also features a locker room and showers, a soda vending machine, a water fountain, a few dumbbells, a place with a sofa to chill out.
The building features an entrance with a revolving door, two emergency exits and a couple of security cams.
Outside, there is a phone booth (that's for the vintage touch), a bench and a bicycle parking area.
This new building is intended to be a part of Pizzburg, a city already featuring Pizz, Burg and a motel.
Now people from Pizzburg can stay fit by doing some exercise!

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