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Pizz: The Pizza Place


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This is a pizzeria.
I imagine you could find this kind of building in a small American city. Or maybe just in Lego city's suburb...
The pizzeria is on the first floor. Pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven. Too add a little realism, the fireplace can be enlightened thanks to a light brick embedded in the wall. Just push the brick on the right side to switch the light on (as shown in one of the pictures).
There's a flat on the second floor. To add a retro feeling, the interior design is meant to remind of places we've seen in american movies from the 80's.
Now add a terrace, a few newspaper boxes, a bench and a dustbin and the picture is complete.
Built for real, I can certify it works, it's robust and playable.
So, if you like it, just one word: SUPPORT !
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