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El Saloon


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Latest addition in Pizzburg: El Saloon !

Inspired from real places from Texas and Arizona, this pub displays a wild west style mixed with a vintage googie touch.
This model features a main building, which opens for playability, a windmill, a large sign and two cars.
Inside, there is a bar serving soft drinks only (ginger ale and root beer - non-alcoholic beverages despite their names - cherry cola and fizzy lemonade) from the draft soda fountain, tables and seats, a balcony with a few more tables and seats, a piano and a cow boy playing guitar.
There's a public phone on the outside.
The trunk of the green cars opens, leaving room for several suitcases.

What more can I say ?

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Check out the updates if you want to see a picture of the whole city.
I still have to design a gas station, then I may propose Pizzburg as a 12,000 parts set...

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