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Burg: The Drive-Thru Burger


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After Pizz: The Pizza Place, here comes Burg: The Drive-Thru Burger...
Probably located along the Route 66, it has this vintage feeling with its Art-deco design.
It comes with two typical American cars; a muscle car and a pick-up, a three minifigs staff and a few customers.
Push the Burg sign on the roof to light it up, thanks to the light brick hidden inside.
At night, you can close the drive-up window curtains and the barrier.
The entrance door is a sliding door.
In the kitchen, there is everything you need to cook delicious burgers and fries.
And you can take your drink at the soda fountain.
It also comes with a bunch of letters, so you can write your own message on the large board.
Don't be afraid to make a few spelling mistakes...
Also, I forgot to mention the jukebox (doesn't really play music, but it looks cool) and the famous trashcan outside (you can put real trash inside if you wish).
Hope you'll like it.

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