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Emmet's apartment from The LEGO Movie


Emmet's goodbye party

So this is it, 3 days to go, and no extension unfortunately :)

So still, time to make a big party

Benny, Unikitty, Wildstyle, even the Where are my pants guy is there.

Statue of Liberty, President Business, all there. Wait is that?

Yup it's Peter Venkman.

Apparantly Emmet's upstairs neighbour saw Vitrivius and called them

Of course after they arrived it wasn't a problem :) More guests to the party.

So they all ordered pizza :d

So, this project got me through the dark ages, upcoming is a real build on the complete apartment building soon! 

Thanks to everybody who supported this, it was a nice thing to do and got more support than I expected :)

There has been the question whether I will resubmit it, will see about that, first the apartment building needs to be completed! :)


Emmet's Apartment in LEGO Worlds!

So I heard about LEGO Worlds and was very curious. I got Steam early access and found out that LDD files can be imported in the game. Of course I was curious :)

All in all, it's a fun sandbox game to play so far, the apartment and building have a lot of missing parts, but hey, it's early access :) I'm glad they import at all!

It looks like a lot of functionality wrt orientation hasn't been implemented yet, but there is so much potential in this game. The LDD compatibility can make your dream city / moonbase / anything LEGO you can imagine come true.

Nice job, I like this game already!


Updated toilet

The design team of the LEGO movie received a bunch of modular buildings from LEGO which can be seen in the making of videos.

When I was browsing set instructions for these buildings, I found out that there is a toilet in the Pet Shop which also uses the Buoy as a toilet seat. This leads me to believe that it's the same one as in Emmet's Apartment so just wanted to add this in an update :)


The complete apartment

So it's been a while since I did a last update.

Supporter count doubled since I released all the parts! Thank you very much all :)

My goal at least is to get an official LEGO comment :) I doubt that this apartment will reach 10K.

So, here's another nice thing :) When I built the apartment, I timelapsed it:


Also, putting together all LXF files will be a tedious job, so here is the link to the complete apartment!


Part update 40 of 40 (Outer walls)

And that's it, check.

410 parts
31x 2x4 tile white
2x 1x8 tile white
1x tile 2x2 white
1x 1x6 tile white
6x tile 1x2 white
1x tile 1x1 white
13x plate 1x8 grey
3x plate 1x6 grey
1x plate 1x4 grey
2x plate 1x2 grey
11x brick 1x2 grey
1x brick 1x10 grey
2x mason brick
13x brick 1x1 grey
281 brick 1x3 grey
8 corner 2x2x1 grey
24 brick 1x3 reddish brown
8x brick 1x1 reddish brown


Part update 39 of 40 (Baseplate)

The foundation for Emmet's adventures.

What I did is replace a 1x6 black plate on the left and right with a 1x4 black plate and a 1x2 sand green plate, this prevents from having a black part visible.

20 parts
2x 3811  Base plate 32x32           - 194 Medium Stone Grey
6x 60479 Plate 1x12                 - 26 Black
1x 4477  Plate 1x10                 - 26 Black
3x 3450  Plate 1x8                  - 26 Black
4x 3666  Plate 1x6                  - 26 Black
1x 3623  Plate 1x3                  - 26 Black
1x 3023  Plate 1x2                  - 26 Black
2x 3024  Plate 1x1                  - 26 Black


Part update 38 of 40 (Main walls)

The moment where the apartment itself is finally done :) what remains is the basis and the outer wall :)

So, at first I used Spring Yellowish Green, but when later analyzing some shots, I got a better vision of the color itself (The LEGO Movie is raytraced and uses sub-surface light scattering, essentially this is the same as a piece of red paper in front of a white wall will leave a pink spot on the wall due to some photons bouncing off the red paper, against the white wall into your eye, but that's enough computer graphics and particle physics for today ;))

Anyhow, when I found the new color it took a while to get it into LDD since it supports that color, just not in the palette. It's color#6 and known as Light Green. Too bad this color is not available, but Sand Green is, and Sand Green is the same color just darker. But the 1x2 bricks with studs are not available. The 1x1 is, so that will mean some more 1x1 bricks =) Angular bricks also not available but they're out of view so it doesn't really matter. All poster tiles are white (can be seen in the making of movie I linked in an earlier update), but have prints (I haven't printed these decals yet, problem is I consider them to be too blurry), they all feature different decals so they can be replaced pretty easily for rendering with POVRay for instance. Kitchen tiles at the top should have been in the kitchen wall perhaps though.

367 parts
46x  3005  Brick 1x1                - 6 Light Green
45x  3004  Brick 1x2                - 6 Light Green
201x 3622  Brick 1x3                - 6 Light Green
13x  87087 Brick 1x1 w. 1 stud      - 6 Light Green
18x  11211 Brick 1x2 w. 2 studs     - 6 Light Green
2x   4070  Angular Brick 1x1        - 6 Light Green
7x   4162  Flat tile 1x8            - 1 White
6x   6636  Flat tile 1x6            - 1 White
6x   63864 Flat tile 1x3            - 1 White
3x   2431  Flat tile 1x4            - 1 White
7x   87079 Flat tile 2x4            - 1 White
4x   3068  Flat tile 2x2            - 1 White
2x   3710  Plate 1x4                - 1 White
1x   3710  Plate 1x4                - 6 Light Green
1x   60594 Frame 1x4x3              - 1 White
2x   60592 Frame 1x2x2              - 1 White
2x   60601 Glass for frame 1x2x2    - 40 Transparent
1x   60603 Glass for frame 1x4x3    - 40 Transparent



Part update 37 of 40 (Bathroom floor)

The last of the floor parts, next stop: the walls :)

28 parts
1x 87079 Flat tile 2x4              - 1 White
3x 3068  Flat tile 2x2              - 1 White
3x 3068  Flat tile 2x2              - 26 Black
4x 3069  Flat tile 1x2              - 1 White
2x 3069  Flat tile 1x2              - 26 Black
2x 91501 Corner wall element 2x2    - 1 White
3x 4865  Wall element 1x2x1         - 1 White
1x 2431  Flat tile 1x4              - 1 White
1x 14719 Flat tile corner 1x2x2     - 26 Black
2x 14719 Flat tile corner 1x2x2     - 1 White
2x 3024  Plate 1x1                  - 1 White
1x 15573 Plate 1x2 w. 1 stud        - 315 Silver Metallic
2x 2412  Radiator Grille 1x2        - 315 Silver Metallic
1x 3032  Plate 4x6                  - 26 Black

The L shaped plate is not available in black, can be replaced with 1x1 and 1x2 tiles.


Part update 34 of 40, 35 of 40 and 36 of 40 (Yellow floor)


Here's the complete yellow carpet :)

As for accuracy terms, the right part is the most accurate since it's displayed from a top view in the movie. For the rest the studlocations are very accurate :D


70 parts
15x 3070  Flat tile 1x1            - 24 Bright Yellow
8x  3069  Flat tile 1x2            - 24 Bright Yellow
3x 63864  Flat tile 1x3            - 24 Bright Yellow
3x  6636  Flat tile 1x6            - 24 Bright Yellow
1x  3794  Plate 1x2 w. 1 stud      - 24 Bright Yellow
6x  3024  Plate 1x1                - 24 Bright Yellow
8x  3023  Plate 1x2                - 24 Bright Yellow
7x  3623  Plate 1x3                - 24 Bright Yellow
11x 3710  Plate 1x4                - 24 Bright Yellow
2x  3666  Plate 1x6                - 24 Bright Yellow
1x  3460  Plate 1x8                - 24 Bright Yellow
1x  3022  Plate 2x2                - 24 Bright Yellow
3x  3021  Plate 2x3                - 24 Bright Yellow
1x  3832  Plate 2x10               - 24 Bright Yellow



35 parts
5x  3070  Flat tile 1x1            - 24 Bright Yellow
7x  3069  Flat tile 1x2            - 24 Bright Yellow
2x 63864  Flat tile 1x3            - 24 Bright Yellow
5x  2431  Flat tile 1x4            - 24 Bright Yellow
1x  6636  Flat tile 1x6            - 24 Bright Yellow
6x  3024  Plate 1x1                - 24 Bright Yellow
3x  3023  Plate 1x2                - 24 Bright Yellow
4x  3623  Plate 1x3                - 24 Bright Yellow
2x  3710  Plate 1x4                - 24 Bright Yellow


105 parts
11x  3070  Flat tile 1x1            - 24 Bright Yellow
12x  3069  Flat tile 1x2            - 24 Bright Yellow
12x 63864  Flat tile 1x3            - 24 Bright Yellow
6x   2431  Flat tile 1x4            - 24 Bright Yellow
1x   3794  Plate 1x2 w. 1 stud      - 24 Bright Yellow
18x  3024  Plate 1x1                - 24 Bright Yellow
11x  3023  Plate 1x2                - 24 Bright Yellow
8x   3623  Plate 1x3                - 24 Bright Yellow
11x  3710  Plate 1x4                - 24 Bright Yellow
4x   3666  Plate 1x6                - 24 Bright Yellow
1x   3460  Plate 1x8                - 24 Bright Yellow
3x   3022  Plate 2x2                - 24 Bright Yellow
2x   3021  Plate 2x3                - 24 Bright Yellow
2x   3020  Plate 2x4                - 24 Bright Yellow
1x   3795  Plate 2x6                - 24 Bright Yellow
1x   3036  Plate 6x8                - 24 Bright Yellow
1x  92593  Plate 1x4 w. 2 studs     - 24 Bright Yellow

The plate 1x4 width 2 studs doesn't exist in yellow, can be replaced with 1x2 tile and 1x1 plates.


Part update 33 of 40 (Kitchen floor)

Yes, the big moment has finally arrived, the floors are coming :)

52 parts
18x 3068 Flat tile 2x2             - 26 Black
16x 3068 Flat tile 2x2             - 1 White
6x  3022 Plate 2x2                 - 26 Black
6x  3022 Plate 2x2                 - 1 White
2x 15573 Plate 1x2 w. 1 stud       - 1 White
2x 14719 Flat tile corner 1x2x2    - 1 White
1x  3069 Flat tile 1x2             - 26 Black
1x  3023 Plate 1x2                 - 26 Black

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