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V.&T.R.R. #12, Genoa


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What is it?
Introducing the Genoa, a Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 locomotive, road number #12. August 5th, 1872 and was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works located in Philadelphia. It was finished in January 1873. The original cost from 1872 was $14,000 which is $313,929.34 in today's (2021) money. This locomotive was a passenger puller, but on occasion it pulled freight cars. It was retired after 28 years of service and sold to Eastern Railroads in New York, and then it was presented to the Pacific Coast chapter of RLHS and then shipped to the Western Pacific roundhouse in Oakland, CA. As of right now it is on display at the California State Railroad Museum with its details of its 1902 appearance. It is in a condition that is good enough to operate. This locomotive it that it has been repainted to look like the Jupiter for some events, and it was also in a bit of a smash up back in 1874. This is one of the many 4-4-0 locomotives that has been kept around for display, and I have made two other locomotives that are original, make sure to check my bio.

Why did I build it?
I built this for an ongoing series of 4-4-0 American Type locomotives. My most favorite locomotive is this kind, the 4-4-0 American type. I also built this one because it shows a good locomotive that has been kept very nice since its build time. And also because it is a real locomotive you can go visit, so I thought it would be nice to make this and inform people about it. Also, yes this can be built with real bricks and designs but not with all the colors. But it cannot go on curved tracks...yet*.

Why would this make a good set?
I think this would make a really great set because, for many who like to play, this model can be moved and connected to other train cars*. It also looks amazing sitting on a shelf and stands out against the roughest places. It will have people turning eyes wherever it sits. The design is completely new and uses techniques that help this build stay together well with adding more details. Also, not included, would be 2-3 minifigures which would be the engineer, fireman and a support crew. These would help for playability or to add more to a display.

- 901 pieces.
- 27" long

Here is the Texas:
Here is the General:

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