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V.&T.R.R. #12, Genoa


It Has Already Been A Year!

Wow I cannot believe this has been up for a year! We are closing in on that 10k marker really quick and I hope it makes it to 10k! Thanks to everyone who has supported! I have ventured away from Lego Ideas to try and work on some of my other ideas not posted here for legal reasons. Thank you again! And to 10k we come!!

Here is a picture of wood in the Tender of Reno. I would like to mess with this idea for Genoa and see if I can make the tiles sit right in the tender without falling out.

*PLEASE NOTE* This is a very modified version of Reno and uses aftermarket wheels which are not allowed in product ideas, this is just a reference picture!


HUGE Thanks to my friend Joseph!

Thank you so much @cheeseinthepie!!! You were an amazing help on this project! EVERYONE go follow and support all of his things!!! Please!!
Thank you again sir!
Make sure to check back on my profile for the Reno!!! Coming soon!

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