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W.&A.R.R. #3, The General


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What is it?
This is the General, a 4-4-0 locomotive. Built by Rogers, Ketchum and Grosvenor for Western and Atlantic Railroad in 1856, this was given the number 3 and named General. It is another one of the surviving 4-4-0 locomotives, like the Texas (see link below). The general provided freight and passenger service between Atlanta, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee before the Civil War. During the Andrews Raid in 1862, The General locomotive was taken during a 20-minute stop for food. It was chased by the Texas and eventually ran out of pressure due to the running out of water and wood.
The men tried to flee, but were eventually caught. The General was severely damaged and was left untouched until after the Civil war. In the 1870s it was repaired and given a new pilot, boiler and other components as well as given a new paint scheme. The General was left on a siding for a year and a photographer eventually found it and approached the owner, who had won the lease, about restoring it for an event. On the trip it was decided it needed to be a coal burner and was turned into a coal burner but given a wood burning styled funnel which it has today. It was moved around many times and in 1972 it was moved to the Big Shanty Museum also known as the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History where it remains today.

Why did I build it?
I built this train because, first of all, I love history and trains and when they are put into one, then it is something special to remember, so why not make it into LEGO form. Secondly, I made this because the American 4-4-0 type is the best looking train in my opinion, and I am currently in the process of making another 6 of these locomotives. (More to come, so follow for updates). This train is also built in physical bricks. Also, yes this can be built with real bricks and designs but not with all the colors. But it cannot go on curved tracks...yet*.

Why would this make a good set?
I think this would make a really great set because, for many who like to play, this model can be moved and connected to other train cars*. It also looks amazing sitting on a shelf and stands out against the roughest places. It will have people turning eyes wherever it sits. (Unless no goes to look at it).

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*I am working to find a system so that the wheels can turn on the tracks. PLEASE don't ask me if they can turn.

*I have made my own couplers with LEGO, so it is not the standard LEGO buffers with a magnate. Custom couplers are required to add other train cars to this model.

*Note: This is not for sale! Do not ask for instructions! YES, it can be built exactly like this!

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