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W.&A.R.R. #12, Texas


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*NOTE: This is NOT for sale! Do NOT ask for instructions! And YES all colors are able to be produced right now. All bricks have an allowed color in other words.
What is it?
Built by Danforth, Cooke and Company in 1856, this is one of the last surviving 4-4-0 locomotives. This locomotive gained its fame in 1862 when the Andrews raid occurred during the civil war. This locomotive was sent to Western & Atlantic Railroad after it was built and was assigned the crew Peter Bracken as the engineer, and Henry Haney as fireman. On April 12th the famed General was stolen by Union spies. The Texas was flagged down, reversed and dropped off its 12 cars and the chase known as the Great Locomotive Chase began. After the war the train was leased to another company and in total the Texas had 3 known road numbers (locomotive number). The train was left at a siding in 1907 and then was moved to a Civil War History museum in GA where it sat for nearly 100 years. It was moved to the NC Transportation museum and was restored to the color scheme of the 1880's and its number was changed back to #12. This locomotive is currently in the Atlanta History Center. Western and Atlantic Railroad is owned by the State of Georgia and is leased to CSX.

Why did I build it?
I built this train because, first of all, I love history and trains and when they are put into one, then it is something special to remember, so why not make it into lego form. Secondly I made this because the American 4-4-0 type is the best looking train in my opinion and I am currently in the process of making another 7 of these locomotives. (More to come so follow for updates). This train is also built in physical bricks which a few needed adjustments to make it resemble this train. Also, yes this can be built with real bricks with all the colors and designs. But it cannot go on curved tracks...yet*.

Why would this make a good set?
I think this would make a really great set because, for many who like to play, this model can be moved and connected to other train cars*. It also looks amazing sitting on a shelf and stands out against the roughest places. It will have people turning eyes wherever it sits. (Unless no goes to look at it).

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*I am working to find a system so that the wheels can turn on the tracks. PLEASE don't ask me if they can turn.

*I have made my own couplers with legos so it is not the standard lego buffers with a magnate. Custom couplers are required to add other train cars to this model.

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