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The Golden Spike Ceremony


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What is it?
In 1869 the last spike, known as the "golden spike" was driven into the railroad tie that connected the Union Pacific rail to the Central Pacific rail.  Donald Smith drove the spike in and completed the rail.  The loco, No. 119 and the loco No. 60 were 4-4-0 trains made by different companies, the 119 was made by Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works in 1868, and the No 60 was made by Schenectady Locomotive Works and was also made in 1868.

Why did I build it?
Well I made it because of a suggestion, and because I thought it would be a great opportunity for people to see how we have come in society thanks to the helping hand of people such as the Chinese.

Why would it make a good set?
It would make a great display set or something to play with.  It show the history of the U.S.A. and it has a good amount of pieces to keep one occupied for some time. There are a total of 1,703 pieces.
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