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Galaxy Dropship, Neo Classic Space


Classic space light gray with trans green windscreens

I promised a classic space version with those trans green windscreens and here it is. This could also be a modern retro possibility.

Note that the dropship's cargo bay is wider than the blue one and therfore holds a truck with big tires.

The truck in the pickup version may hold either a toolbox or the tanks. It can tow the tank and even the lab.

The Galaxy Dropship may hold the truck, the lab or the trailer with the plasma tank.

I hope you like the gray version as much as I do!
Tell your friends about this ship.


6000 Supporters! 6000 times thank you!

It has been quite a journey and a promise is a promise. Check a preview of the 7th Galaxy Dropship theme version: Classic Space light gray with trans green windshields.

More pics coming up in a next update showing the entire scene of this Classic Space subtheme.
See you then and thanks again!


Comparison Galaxy Explorer 928 & 10497 with Galaxy Dropship

The Galaxy Explorer 10497 has just landed for some minor repairs and fuelling at the hangar of the Galaxy Dropship where the Galaxy Explorer 928 is already done and ready for take off.

Check out the updates for some conversions of the Galaxy Dropship into other Legospace factions.
If you like to see another conversion tell your friends to support and comment this creation.
If we reach 6k supporters an update with a gray Classic Space version and trans green windscreens is up next. Thx!


5000 Supporters! Thank you all for this threshold.

I don't believe my eyes. This (neo) classic space set has just hit 5K and more than 450 comments in about a year. From the bottom of my heart thx a lot!

Let's now go for it all, let's go for 10K.
Let us revive classic space.


Galaxy Dropship ICEPLANET

We reached 2500 supporters! Thank you all for giving this classic space set a hand. A quarter of the needed supports! We made a big step forward. But 2.5k supporters is also an internal milestone that triggers the next theme version. I chose it to be Ice Planet. I hope you like it.

The IcePlanet version is based on the Futuron version. So the dropship has the wider cargo bay too. It fits everything the Futuron dropship could hold and more.

One major change is the truck. It may still become a Mobile Lab or can tow the foldable ladder.

But it also supports a rocket with its launching pad turning it into a rocket launcher.

The rockets reminds of the classic rockets of today: two boosters on each side and one main section to which a satellite is attached.

The rocket launcher (without truck) fits into the cargo area of the dropship. The rocket may also be launched while docked to the dropship.

The rocket launcher may also dock to the hangar from where the rocket may start its journey to space.
The amount of bricks used for the Ice Planet version are:

Galaxy Dropship: 1461
Space Lab: 329
Hangar: 360
Mobile Ladder: 44
Truck: 194
Rocket Launcher with rocket: 230
Total Bricks: 2618
Including the IcePlanet minifigs the amount of bricks rise to a total of 2712. I see a potential of saving up to 200 bricks.

The reason for the updates with different theme versions is to see how the set could look like in the respective theme. A proposal in the proposal. I haven’t got the market data, but Lego has. In case this creation reaches 10K it is up to them to decide if and which theme may come true. So write your comments about the different space themes and maybe an IcePlanet Dropship might land!

The IcePlanet version marks the end of the series of themes. I hope you liked it. There might come one more version somewhere between 5K and 7.5K (if it makes it to this number). In such a case I would merge the essence of all the theme versions shown here into one creation. Sort of a set proposal that embraces all classic space themes into one. I have this creation in my mind, but it’s a long way to implementing it. So I’ll do my best, but cannot promise.

Again thanks for supporting and make sure to tell your buddies about this proposal.
PS. In case you haven’t seen my other proposal, a 3in1 space scenes creator set, you may click and support here: LINK TO ANTARES


Galaxy Dropship FUTURON

First of all I would like to thank all supporters out there who made it possible reaching this “internal” threshold of 2000 votes. It triggers the 5th version of the Galaxy Dropship: FUTURON!

Widened Galaxy Dropship has increased loading capacity
Like all the other updates there are some differences to the previous version improving playability and versatility of this set proposal. Of course it is possible to mix the versions creating something different (in case it reaches 10K). Here are the most important changes departing from the Blacktron version:

The "eagle" is landing
1. The dropship: The cargo bay has been widened by 2 studs. This is better as it enhances the cargo possibilities and in my opinion even looks better. The amount of additional bricks for this change is minimal. I tried widening by 4 studs but this was way too much considering looks.

Enhanced loading capacity of the Galaxy Dropship

2. The truck: I took the truck from my Antares proposal as that one suits the theme quite well. Then I made a trailer that can be attached either way. One way is by classic towing which may then hold a plasma tank or the mechanic ladder. The other way is by clipping. It then becomes an integral part of the truck and may hold the lab turning the truck into a Mobile Science Lab.

In no time the truck can be reconfigured

3. The lab: Some changes to the lab were necessary to allow loading of the entire Mobile Science Lab into the widened cargo bay of the dropship. This is due to the trailer which leads to a higher position of the lab.

The space lab may slide into the cargo bay of the dropship or on the truck

4. The hangar: some changes to the hangar were necessary to enhance playability and to have a place to put all the items/devices. These are:

a. Docking for the mechanic ladder

Terminal for the mechanic ladder

b. Docking for the pickup gas-tank holder

Galaxy Dropship Futuron undergoing repairs and fuelling

c.Docking for the plasma tank

Terminal for the Plasma Tank

d. Enlarged repair platforms for enhanced accessibility to the Mobile Science Lab including computer terminals and places for stowing tools

Enlarged working platforms

e. A parking place for the Mobile Science Lab

Hangar for the Mobile Science Lab

I tried to emphasize more on science as this is the Futuron topic. Like in the “old days” some instruments/devices could be seen as scientific or as combat instruments, leaving it up to the viewer.

Loading possibilities for the Galaxy Dropship

Amount of bricks (without Minifigs):
Dropship: 1448
Hangar: 320
Space Lab: 304
Truck: 147
Trailer: 39
Plasma Tank: 60
Mech-Ladder: 44
Pickup ad-on: 41
Total bricks: 2403

I hope you like the Futuron version of the Galaxy Dropship. Leave me your comments. As soon as we reach the next threshold of 2500 supporters, I shall launch another space theme version of the Galaxy Dropship. I am already thinking which space version that could be. Any suggestions?
By the way, in case you like this set proposal and you have not seen the Antares project check it here. Antares 3in1 Scene Creator
You might like it.

Thanks and till next update!


Galaxy Dropship Blacktron

1500 supporters reached!

The "Space Guild" has released the next space theme/variant/version of the Galaxy Dropship: Blacktron 1!

A set in the Blacktron version could include:

modified Dropship: 1406
modified Hangar 240
Control Center: 328
Combat Buggy: 138
Droid: 38
Ramp Ladder: 47
Mech: 107
Sum 2.304 bricks
Plus the minifigs: bricks depending on how the minifigs look like and how many.

I have inserted the mech twice in the pictures just for presentational reasons. You see one in the charging pod undergoindg repairs and one standing, ready to go.

The eagle is landing!

As with all space versions the Blacktron version can also change the position of its wings for a more ferocious look or for easier access to the cargo bay.

The Blacktron Galaxy Dropship compared to the previous versions/themes has been modified again for additional payloads. The loading possibilities are:
  • Control Center
  • Space Buggy
  • Mech
  • Droid
  • Mech AND droid simultaneously!

The Galaxy Dropship has landed and is undergoing repairs and is being fueled. Note that the Blacktron version has no mechanic vehicle (or trailer) but a fixed fuel pump.

While the droid is operating the fuel pump, in the back the mech pilot has just taken a seat in the mech. All fueled up, ready to go!

The Galaxy Dropship already took off! Its mission: Steal the plasma tank from Antares!

The dropship may load the mech, obviously. But the dropship may also

load in addition to the mech the droid. Perfect for the next assault & raid mission!
Check out the hexagonal flag with the sticker. Each side has a different sticker on it, so you may choose the overall look: either Blacktron logo or greebles look.

So the Galaxy Dropship Blacktron is off and on its way, this time to the M:Tron world!

I will make another update telling you why I chose Blacktron as the version/theme for the 1500 threshold. Nevertheless there are more themes left! The space guild has promised another version/theme as soon as we reach 2000 supporters. So what are we waiting for. Tell your friends!

By the way, if you are interested in a whole space station (and you have not seen Antares yet) check out this link and maybe you like the idea of a 3in1 SCENE Creator set.

Many Thanks!


Staff Pic!

In a few words thank you for becoming staff pic and to all of you supporters out there.
I made a gif and if you watch it closely you will notice...

Coming soon at 1500!


An Alien World

MAKING OF (the composite)

The picture is a composite of a total of 4 above-water pictures, 4 underwater pictures (all of which I took myself throughout the past years) and the Lego rendered pics. A new (extra solar) world is thus formed by merging two different earthen worlds: the world we know and the submarine world. The composite picture reminds us of the fragile marine habitat totally different from ours on land which tends to fall into oblivion.

Above Water Pics:
1.      The Moon taken from my balcony very early in the morning.
2.      The sun at sunrise taken from the balcony at a hotel in Ibiza.
3.      Sunset taken from a farmhouse in Gozo (Malta).
4.      Sunset taken from my balcony in Vienna (Austria).
Underwater Pics:
1.      Underwater rock formations with sponges (Gozo).
2.      Sea-squirts taken in Philippine waters.
3.      A fire worm taken in Maltese waters.
4.      Another fire worm taken in Maltese waters.

Lego Pics:
As you may already know the Legos are renders I did using All models have been built physically using real bricks as well.
The rest of the picture is composed of light and special effects as well as of my digital drawings. The pictures were taken with a Fuji S2, a Canon 7D and a Canon 6D. The underwater housings used were from Subal.
About the Story
The general story behind Antares is about adventures in alien worlds (you can check out a detailed version in the first update of "Antares". If you are interested in the story behind the composite picture check it out at the 3in1 Scene Creator set proposal "Antares" here:

A 3in1 Space SCENE Creator set means with the bricks of the set you choose to build one from three different SCENES each containing several models. Combining all three scenes you get an entire space center: Antares.
I hope you like the composite pic, concept and support the "Galaxy Dropship".
Thanks a lot!


Galaxy Dropship SPACE POLICE

First of all a thousand thanks to all of you supporters out there. Reaching the threshold of 1000 supporters in 24 days means a lot to me. Hopefully we can continue our way!

As promised here goes the next space theme version. This time "Space Police I" in a modern look! I went for the first space police theme that came out: black & blue with trans red canopies. The set has complete playability according to the theme AND according to the original idea of the Classic Space version!

The prison cells are modernized. The Galactic Dropship now also has the function as a prisoner transporter, a sort of "Con Space". The dropship has a new locking method (this could be used for the Classic Space version as well) which can hold either one or two prison cells simultaneously. In case this version became a set I would therefore opt for 2 prison cells.

New is the mechanic vehicle. It is a trailer that attaches to the buggy like the M:Tron version. But it differs from the M:Tron version and from the classic space version considerably. The reason is that the trailer has to do the job as a mechanical vehicle (including an unfoldable ladder) and as a prison cell transporter. The concept is modular.

The hangar is enlarged by two docking stations, one for the fuel/tool platform and one for the prison cell. The possibility of moving the control center through tracks to the dropship is preserved (see gif of Classic Space).

The space buggy has installed the plasma cannons from the Antares set proposal. These can be detached easily. Depending on the situation or job you may use a mechanic towing buggy (no guns) or a space patrol guard (with the cannons).

As to the minifigs I kept it almost classic. Only the helmets are the ones from Galaxy Squad. It would include 4 policemen and one Blacktron. In case the set goes for 2 prison cells it might be better to include 3 policemen and 2 Blacktrons.

The prison cells are highly modernized versions of the old Space Police I prison cells. The front part opens up and leaves enough room to place the arrested Blacktron. The cell may be placed on a track of the hangar, loaded on the trailer or docked to the dropship. Total transport possibilities!

Total bricks would be:

Galaxy Dropship: 1403
Control Center: 329
Guard Patrol Buggy: 136
Trailer (with fuel/tool platform and ladder): 212
Prison Cell: 47
Hangar: 200
Total Bricks 2327 plus baseplates plus Minifigs

Next version:
I do not know which theme you prefer (Classic Space, M:Tron or Space Police). Leave me a comment, it would be great to know.

For the 1500 threshold I will have another space version prepared. It will be either "Futuron" or "Ice-planet". Since I have no clue which one to do, please leave me comment stating your preferences. THANK YOU!
By the way, in case you have not supported the Antares 3in1 Space Creator set proposal maybe you would like to check it out here:

To all factions of the space guild out there, unite and have your voice heard!
Thanking you all for spreading the word and helping make this set possible in whatever theme!

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