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Antares, Neo Classic Space 3in1


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Antares: 3in1 Space Scene Creator Set

Antares is a 3in1 Scene Creator set proposal. So with one set you do not choose from 3 models to build but from 3 different scenes, each consisting of many models. The scenes are "Mining Outpost", "Galaxy Dropship" and "Bot Repair Bay". If you build all models at once and put them together you get an entire space center. The models connect to each other even across the scenes. In total the scenes include everything you need to set up your space station. It is your choice how big Antares space center might become, for endless hours of building and playing!

Check all 3 ANIMATED VIDEOS below for information!

Set alternative builds
The set allows building one of the following three possible scenarios:
I) Mining Outpost (pic 2): Antares Outpost has found Legonit deposits, exploitation has started. But beware! Blacktrons are planning a raid on the outpost. This scenario includes:
  1. A habitat.
  2. An industrial zone.
  3. A vehicle repair bay with lifting platform and moving ramp.
  4. A drilling station & container.
  5. A research vehicle (buggy + trailer + mobile lab + dumper). The buggy may be converted into either a combat or a science version. The trailer may hold lab, dumper or container (all of these attach to either the industrial zone or to the drilling station as well).
  6. Blacktron spaceship with movable cockpit and engines.

II) Galaxy Dropship (pic 3): Huge Legonit deposits expected on the other side of the moon. The Galaxy Dropship with a science lab in its cargo bay is already on its way. Watch out! A Blacktron Bot lurks in a nearby crater. This scenario includes:
  1. Delta 9er, a medium sized fighter with rotating engines that slide out.
  2. A cargo bay (wings change positions) which attaches to the fighter turning it into the Galaxy Dropship LL938.
  3. A science lab that snaps to the dropship’s cargo bay.
  4. A hangar with moving chain racks, detachable fuel and plasma tanks.
  5. A truck with its trailer that may carry either the fuel tank or the plasma tank (trailer with either fuel or plasma tank fit in the cargo bay of the dropship).
  6. A Blacktron medium sized Bot and a cargo bay for the Blacktron spaceship from scenario 1

III) Repair Bay (pic 4): Secret operations has revealed information of an upcoming Blacktron raid. Command Base Gamma coordinates the defense. In a matter of minutes the heavy Bot-Commander is turned from a Science Bot into a Battle Bot at the Repair Bay. A crackling tension lies in the air! This scenario includes:
  1. A Bot Repair Bay with integrated repair-hangar for Bot cockpits.
  2. An automated sliding Repair Bot with moving, rotating and extending arms.
  3. The heavy Bot-Commander “Eco 05” (science version & battle version).
  4. A Mobile Repair Vehicle with integrated, sliding tools bar and mechanic crane arm.
  5. Command Base Gamma, the neural control center of Antares.

Building Concept
I designed and built all models digitally AND physically in order to guarantee stability of each model. In order to make sure all bricks for all scenarios are in the set and for streamlining and cutting bricks I worked with Excel sheets. Besides appearance playability was very important to me. For this purpose I also designed some decals (based on existing ones). As to the Legonit I would suggest Bricklink's number 49656pb01: Rock 1 x 1 Geode with Glitter Trans-Bright Green Crystal Interior Pattern. Also forgive me for not showing the hydraulic hoses in the renders on the silos for example as these cannot be bent in yet. I will try to post real pics.

The set allows building a section of a space center each with its own theme (research/mining, transport/flying and repair/commando). If the Mining Outpost is chosen you may also build the Blacktron spaceship. If you choose to build the Galaxy Dropship you may also build the Blacktron Assault Bot and the Blacktron Cargo Bay but you will only be able to attach the cargo bay to the Blacktron spaceship if you get the set twice (the Blacktron spaceship is part of the scenario Mining Outpost). Building the bonus material displayed in the video of the Repair Bay is only possible if you acquire the set three times. So in a way it is a 4in1 set.

The Bonus Models:
  1. A Tower Control with attached intergalactic radar communication satellite system.
  2. Eta 9er, a small space fighter (cockpit & wings are interchangeable with the Bot-Commander).
  3. A launching pad for Eta 9er with a platform raise mechanism.
  4. Two droids (S.M.A.R.D.I. & S.H.O.R.D.I.) pushing the tool’s wagon that fits in the garage of the tower control.
  5. A Blacktron Light Bot.
  6. A Blacktron Control Center (Light & Medium Blacktron Bots - the latter from scenario “Galaxy Dropship” - attach to the Control Center which in turn snaps to the cargo bay of the Blacktron’s Dropship).


The set is not only a Creator 3in1 set, but is modular & inter-modular as well. Modular: Mocs included in one scenario connect to each other. Inter-modular: Mocs from different scenarios connect to each other. For inter-modularity the set has to be acquired at least twice.
Example 1: Modular: rearrange position of the Bot-Commander’s shoulders, upper arms, forearms hands and the cockpit’s tool grabbers to form new looking Bots. 
Example 2: Inter-modular: Eta 9er (small fighter from bonus material) becomes the cockpit of the Bot-Commander and the wings become arms or shoulders leading to a new look of the Bot-Commander.
Example 3: Modular & inter-modular: The trailer towed by the space buggy in the Mining Outpost may hold a lab, a dumper or a container (modular). The space buggy may be "stolen" by Blacktrons (fitting into the Blacktron Cargo Dropship) or also fits in the cargo bay of the Galaxy Dropship (inter-modular).
Some thoughts
This set proposal is not a revival of specific sets of the past. It is a tribute to the idea of Classic Space and Blacktron with new looking vessels, buildings and a continued story. All models were carefully designed to transport an “essence” of several original sets of the past. I am not sure whether it is good or not to have Classic Space AND Blacktron included or maybe stick only with Classic Space. For one part kids love to play "good and bad", on the other hand amount of bricks rises with this concept, not significantly, but it does rise. Feel free to comment.

Why choosing a 3in1 concept and not posting several sets?
  1. I warmly remember the old times when Lego used to have alternative builds on the back of the box.
  2. I wanted a Lego fan to have lots of possibilities (similar to the Lego Brick concept).
  3. A Lego fan should have endless hours of fun building.
  4. No need for multiple sets (scenarios have closed themes), but possible for bigger space centre. Freedom of choice.
I will post one update on the story and one on the Minifigs very soon as Bricklink's Studio does not include every part I would use for the Minifigs. Please support this proposal and spread the word to help make it an actual Lego set available in the stores.

Thank you!

Pics description:
1: Some selected models from all possible scenarios
2-4:different scenarios
5:  Bonus Material, from all leftovers
6:  Blacktrons (scenario 1+2 + bonus material)
7:  Blacktrons stealing a space buggy, windscreens interchangeable
8:  Dropship's wings lock in several positions, cargo loads different vehicles (here trailer with fuel tank)
9:  Bot Commander may be reconfigured in different ways. Here 2 examples
10: Lifting platform moves up & down. Mobile lab undocks from industrial zone directly to trailer
11: Legonit drilling rig. Check Legonit Vehicle in a different config. Delta 9er undocks from the Dropship and the truck may tow plasma or fuel tanks
12: Legonit convoy escorted by several spacefighters (different possible reconfigurations of Bot Commander turning them into small fighters)
13: Repair Bay holding bot. A small platform holds the cockpit for detailed repairs

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