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Galaxy Dropship, Neo Classic Space


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Attention: Check the updates to see space theme variants of the Classic Space version like M:Tron, Space Police, Blacktron, Futuron or Ice Planet!

Why I built it:
Like many Afols I grew up with Classic Space and have a lot of good memories. Exploration, reaching new frontiers, researching and discovering new worlds is what Classic Space meant to me. The Galaxy Dropship shall act as a bridge between the past of Classic Space and the new modern look of "Neo Classic Space".
About the Model:
The "Galaxy Dropship" is a mashup of the iconic "Galaxy Explorer" and the "Galaxy Commander". It may hold a space buggy or load a space lab. Like the "Galaxy Commander" the cargo bay detaches from the front spacecraft, the "Delta 9er".

The space lab sits on a rack that slides back and forth for easy loading to the cargo bay. At the stern of the cargo bay a ramp allows easy access to the space buggy. Attached to the cargo bay are the wings which change positions. The spacecraft "Delta 9er" fits a pilot and a co-pilot in the back. Its main feature are extendable and rotating engines.

The aim of the maintenance support vehicle is to enhance playability and the display potential without adding too many bricks to the whole set. There is potential to save some more bricks either by merging some parts of the vehicle or by changing the concept (towing by the space buggy).
Very important to me is stability. Therefore I have built digitally AND with real bricks.

Parameters: The total part count amounts to approx. 2200 bricks excluding the base plates and the Minifigs. The whole set proposal consists of:

-             The Galaxy Dropship (spacecraft & cargo Bay):  bricks 1398
-             Space lab, bricks 328
-             Hangar, bricks 176
-             Maintenance support vehicle: bricks 146
-             Space buggy bricks 117

The approx. size of the Galaxy Dropship (according to is:
Width: 53 studs (42,8cm)
Length: 43 studs (34,3 cm)
Height: 21 studs (16,8 cm)

The total weight of the set (excluding base plates and Minifigs) is approx. 559 grams. I guess not only brick count but weight impacts price tag as it might be an indication of the amount of raw materials needed.
Base Plates: As to the base plates, I opted for the "old" space base plates but in a dark gray/bluish color for a bigger contrast to the light bluish gray bricks used in the models. If the base plates can be brought back in a new color (old light gray color does not exist anyway), it might be a darker gray. But the set would work with the use of only one 32x32 plain base plate as well.

The Minifigs: The set includes 5 Minifigs. I would use Minifigs from the Collective Series 15 but with the helmet from Galaxy Squad and a trans yellow visor. The color differentiation would be via the helmet, the tanks and the hands as well as the stripes in the patterns (torso/legs/arms). In case of a white Minifig I would use the same strap pattern as the black Minifig. For my set proposal I have used 2 yellow, 2 red and 1 white Minifig. The picture also shows how other colors could look like.
Why I believe the Galaxy Dropship would make a great LEGO set:
For KFols/TFols: Lego is primarily a toy. Kids shall be able to play with it and foster their creativity while playing. As the name "Lego" says it, kids should play well. The Galaxy Dropship opens up a lot of playing possibilities and may motivate to get into research & exploration.

For TFols/AFols: But Lego has become important to a lot of adults as well. The whole set is detailed enough and offers good displaying possibilities. Last but not least every AFOL interested in space themes will have good old memories and connect to the past through this set.

I hope you like the Galaxy Dropship and support it. Please take a look at my other LegoIdeas entry Antares, 3in1 neo classic space , where the Galaxy Dropship is part of a bigger 3in1 space creator concept but with a brick built hangar and a different maintenance vehicle approach. There is a video animation link to YouTube there.
Thanks for supporting the idea of a classic space world.

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