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Mech Command Bay, Neo Classic Space


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The Mech Command Bay is a neo classic space command centre with adjacent repair facility for mechas and/or small or medium sized spacecrafts. It might become a 2in1 set proposal including a duplorail.

Certain supporter milestones will trigger part of the 2nd alternate build:
3000 - 4000 supporters: Drone docks with a repair drone.
5000 - 6000 supporters: Rotating hangar with a spaceship.
7000 - 8000 supporters: Duplorail.
For more info check smart feature 5 below! 

Why I built it:
I have tons of good memories of the “old” legospace days. I would love to have new, modern looking sets which remind me of the classic space era and still have a new look. So I created some. I wanted to combine the old feeling of scientific exploration with the world of scifi AND it shall be good for playing and for display as well.
About the creation
The proposal consists of the following mocs:

1. A Command Center (635 bricks)
2. A Mech Repair Bay (1120 bricks)
3. The Mech Commander Eco05 (576 bricks)
4. A small space fighter (239 bricks)
5. A refuelling vehicle (228 bricks)
6. A radar station (138 bricks)
Total Brick count approx: 2936 bricks

Brick count without considering Minifigures.
You have everything you need to build your space centre and you have some smart features:

Smart feature 1: Easily turn the mecha into a spacecraft (3 possibilities) just by reconnecting the parts in different ways. Just by taking out the crane the Mech-Repair-Bay transforms into a Spacecraft-Repair-Bay. With the remaining parts you may convert the small spaceship into a manned combat or repair drone. Check out the gifs!

Smart feature 2: You may combine and merge the mecha and the small spacecraft. Limbs, wings and thruster may be detached and attached in different ways and positions. By doing so you may assemble your repair drone explained above and change your heavy mech into a medium or light mech or simply change its looks. Check out the gifs!

Smart feature 3: You decide the purpose of your mecha. Make a repair mech, a research mech or a combat mech. All tools and gadgets needed for the conversion are attached to the repair bay: for endless hours of play!

Smart feature 4: By getting the set twice you have it all: an enlarged command base, a mech repair bay, a spacecraft repair bay, a mech, a repair drone and a spacecraft. Just minor changes needed. You end up with a pretty decent space centre (pic comming up in the Updates).

Smart feature 5: If we reach all milestones mentioned in the roadmap we might get a real 2nd alternate build. In case the set is available twice both builds could be combined. The 2nd build would include:

1. Drone docks with a repair drone (similar to last gallery pic)
2. A rotating panning hangar with the Planet Defender spacecraft (similar to last gallery pic)
3. A Duplorail connecting the hangar (2) and the drone docks (1) plus a bonus?

Combining two sets the duplorail would connect all above plus the command center and the mech repair bay. I chose the duplorail with roller coaster tracks instead of the old monorail as I think Lego would not revive a monorail and actually the roller coaster tracks are more versatile and have an enhanced industrial look.

Five minifigures would be included in the set. I have used my personal favorite Classic Space version from the collectible series. Of course the minifigures could come in classic style to better align with the Galaxy Explorer. That would be Lego's choice I guess. Here is a pic of my minifigure version:

Why I believe the Mech Command Bay would make a great LEGO set:
I think this set would be great for the following reasons:

1. Thanks to its versatility it has countless playing possibilities.

2. The set has an innate scenario (mech or spaceship in repairs) turning it into an eye catcher when used for display, especially if you combine it with some lighting.

3. Combine it with the new Galaxy Explorer - be it for play or display: You then have a command base, a repair bay, a heavy mech used for transporting thrusters to the bay, a sliding repair bot that rotates facing the Galaxy Explorer and a fuelling (and repair) vehicle. Furthermore the small space ship may escort the Galaxy Explorer when taking off. I have posted a pic in the updates section, check it out.

4. Thanks to the smart features you could even get yourself the set twice so you do not need to decide between a small spacefighter or a repair drone, a heavy mech or a spaceship and you get a big command base on top.

5. Getting the set twice also would make an even better space center with a duplorail connecting all points of interest. The choice is yours!
Final Words
This set proposal has its origin in my 3in1 set proposal Antares. I did make a lot of changes to the former set proposal. You may check it out here:

If you like this set you will definitely like my Galaxy Dropship (a mashup of the Galaxy Explorer and the Galaxy Commander). Take a look here (and check the updates for different theme versions).

I hope you like the two creations as much as I do and give them a hand as well.
Please share your thoughts with me in the comment section.
Let us revive Classic Space!
Many thanks for supporting the idea of a classic space world!

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