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Nasa and Classic Space Picture Frame


Hello and welcome to my next recreated reupload project:

Nasa and Classic Space Picture Frame

Its an old Idea which I redesigned.
The Frame is openable so you can put your own 10x15 Picture in it.

This Frame would contain some characters of Space,
some Male and Female Astronauts in different colors and types.
and one with a Selfie Stick (including Cassic Space and Nasa Astronauts)


a small version of a Spaceshuttle
a small satellite
a simple Classic Spaceship
and a Classic Space Seat

The Spacesuttle, the Spaceship, the Seat and the Satellite are removable.
So you can play and replace them into your frame.

You could place all Minifigures where you want and
even customize your frame as you want.
The Colors and the Minifigures are only my suggestion.

I also created 2 other optional Classic Space Vehicles.
If you think I should change something please leave a comment.


Thank you for you visit and hope so see you again.

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