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LEGO Observatory Juno


Hello and welcome to my next sleepless night creating Lego Idea

I call it: Lego Observatory Juno

The first name was "Deep Sky" but I think Juno sounds better
and it's also the name of the nasa spacecraft which is on its way to jupiter.

The funny fact about this Observatory:
This time I started with the dome. I created a new
sliding technique to build a smaller dome.
After that I created the small tower and walls of the building.
And then I realized that it looks similar to an other observatory
I created two years ago. But only the shape.
The outside decoration and the building itself it totally different.
I used parts of all my observatorys I ever created.
And inside the building you can find a lot of new things.

Lets go to the description:

The observatory would have 3 floors and the dome.

The middle floors would contain:
a visitors area and a small exhibition.
Also some soda fountains, a snack machine, a desk etc.

The lower floor would contain:
Engine Room, Sleeping Area and the monitoring part.

The upper floor would contain:
The "tower" with the stairs to the dome and the exit to the roof.

The dome would contain the telescope and some computers.

All floors are modular and could be opened and released.

There are so many details inside and outside I wanted to add
and I hope you find them all (including a modified poster
which I had when I was young).

Optional I created a mechanical part for the dome.
As pictured you can see there would be some wheels
to rotate the dome and to open the sliding doors.
I didn't know if you would like it or not, so it
depends on you and Lego to create it with or without it.

I also would like to add another color scheme if someone
would like it more colorful or not. I prefer the light green.
But some friends wanted to have a blue or pink one.
I couldn't really decide which one is the best.
These colors are only examples. If you would like to see
the observatory in other colors leace a comment.

BTW: the sliding doors are in reflecting silver.

And wouldn't it be cool if Lego could add some Light Bricks
to light the observatory and the dome. I think it looks awesome.

To create and realize this observatory made so much fun and
I hope you like it as much I do.

So now its up to you to help this observatory.

As you see I love Space and Observatories.
I think this Build would inspire a lot of children in science,
space and astonomy. The Future is you!


Thank you for you visit and hope so see you again.

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