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Lego Observatory - Sky Mountain


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Hello and welcome to my next Idea:

Sky Mountain Observatory

After my last Observatory didn't made it I started to create a new one.
It ended up that I created 4 different styles since january but none
of them really made me feel good.
Then one night I got a "flash" and I made a sketch and here it is.
I'm pround to present you my brand new Observatory.

The Observatory contains 3 roofs and all are removable.
You can remove only one or all. Just how you like it.
One roof is connected with the dome.
The dome is openable from the backside and has a door
on the side which is reachable by a ladder on the
backside of the observatory.

The dome is turnable and you can slide it open from the front.
Also you can slide and turn the telescope inside the dome.

Inside the observatory you can find 3 floors.
First floor: Entrance and office
Second floor: Observatory Control Center with a lot of displays.
          Also a little "engine room" with tools.
Third floor: little office with a bed and private stuff.
above the third floor: the dome.

Outside the observatory you can find some antennas and radio receivers.

The Set would contain:
4 Members of the Observatory called Zoe, Sabrina, Tom and Jack.
The Observatory with a lot of details
and a Jeep/Truck

I would like if Lego could add a light brick.

I really really hope you like this set as much I do.

We need more female Lego Minifigures, Science Clubs and an Observatory.

This would fit to any Lego City.


Please leave a comment and/or suggestions to help to improve this set.

Be a part of the Science Club.


Thank you so much for all your support.
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