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Lego City Sky Observatory


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Hello and welcome to my next Project:

Lego City - Sky Observatory

I love to create observatories and the last ones were
always a little bit "stand alone".
This time I tried to create a modular one to fit to
Lego City and all buildings.

So here it is: the Lego City Observatory.

The building would have 2 floors and a roof to play.

The first floor would contain a visiting area and a small exhibition.
There would be 2  beverages dispensers and a seating area.
A desk with a member of the observatory.
And I also created 2 toilets for the visitors.
The "male one" would have "Mars" written on the door.
The "female one" would have "Venus" written on the door.

With the stairs you can reach the second floor.
There would be the space exhibition.
I created some small builds to make it a great exhibition.
There would be things like: the Juno and the Voyager, 2 Astronauts,
some Flags, a small planetary system, a spaceshuttle and so on.
There would be a lot to discover.

And then there would be a hatch to reach the roof.

The telescope dome on the roof is turnable and
openable on the backside. The doors on the front of the dome
could silde open.

Within the dome there would be a telescope
which could slide back and forth.

Outside the building there would be a statue of
Jupiter, his wife Juno and Galileo Galilei.

These three Minifigures are also inside the real "Juno" Spacecraft.
So I thought this would be the best way to represent these three characters.

I also addes some details on the outside.
Maybe you can find them.

I really really hope you like my creation.
I'm working on this Idea since january and now I'm done to show it to you.

Without the Visitor Minifigures the Set would have approx 2900 Parts.
But most of them are the datails and decorations.
I hope Lego could add some light bricks.

I would like to add some special minifigures on this set.
Do you have any wishes?

I would like to add some special minifigures on this set.
Do you have any wishes?

Thank you so much for your visit and please leave a comment.

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I think about to find another Lego Fan with the same ideas to
create some ideas together. What do you think?
Who would like to colaborate?


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