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Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Here is a short presentation of the updated project with light and sound!

This collaborative project was created by Saturn-V  co-designer Valerie Roche (Whatsuptoday) and her SpaceX Collection / Starship, New Glenn & SLS Co-Designer Matthew Nolan.

The fully posable Godzilla captures the atomic King of the Monsters in all his glory. Striking a fearsome pose, Godzilla holds his head held high as he unleashes a powerful roar. This Godzilla will make an incredible display piece in any Lego collection.

Godzilla’s features include:
- Posable head, with snapping jaws.
- Articulated arms, elbows, hands and fingers.
- Articulated legs, knee joints, ankles and foot claws
- Rotatable tail.
- Signature dorsal plates, which ripple with internal energy. 

Godzilla includes 2,127 pieces and measures over 35cm high, 58cm long and 14cm wide.

Our design has been built in real Lego bricks at each stage of the design process. The structural strength and balance have been tested and refined to ensure Godzilla’s considerable weight is sturdily held in various poses.

At Flickr, you can view all the pictures taken in HD format of our creation. To know more about the full project, visit our Facebook page  dedicated to this design.

In thanks for your support, we’d like you to join us in suggesting improvements and future additions, including up to six vignettes we’re planning to add to the project.  Whether it’s new builds or just an improvement… Tell us in the comments section and we’ll work to build your suggestions.

Enjoy this majestic Legodzilla, a true king of the monsters!

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