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SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection


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They have revolutionized space technology, creating the world’s most advanced and powerful operational rockets and spacecraft. To celebrate these achievements, we are pleased to present a modular and detail packed 1:110 scale collection of the SpaceX fleet, conceived and built with real Lego bricks.

This collaborative project was created by Saturn V Lego set co-designer Valerie Roche (Whatsuptoday) and Lego fan designer Matthew Nolan


Module 1: Falcon 9 – New Block 5 Variant

  • A first stage with 9 Merlin engines and black interstage. The new titanium grid finsare deployable. The black landing legs lock into landing position.
  • A removable second stage with a Dragon 2 spacecraft payload for carrying humans on missions to the Moon and Mars. The capsule detaches from the trunk and has a heat shield for re-entry.
  • An additional second stage featuring a composite fairing for cargo.
  • A highly detailed satellite payload, which compacts for launch into the fairing.
  • A dual-function stand to display the deployed satellite, or the other second stage and payload.
  • 371 bricks and 26 decals.


Module 2: Falcon Heavy

  • A first stage with three releasable Falcon 9 cores. The hypersonic grid fins are honeycomb and deployable. The landing legs extend out to the correct angle and lock into position for a recovery landing. Fuel tanks are also housed within each of the reinforced Falcon 9 cores.
  • Removable second stage, which delivers the rocket’s payload into orbit with its Merlin Vacuum Engine and additional fuel tanks.
  • A removable composite payload fairing, complete with test payload of Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster.
  • 453 bricks and 13 decals.


Module 3: The TEL

  • SpaceX’s Transporter/Erector/Launcher (TEL) and launch mount from Kennedy Space Center's Pad 39a, enabling the Falcon’s rockets to be realistically displayed ready for launch.
  • At the top of the tower are the yellow payload clamps and stage 2 collar arms, which are geared to synchronize the release.
  • The tower is articulated at its base, so it can be presented vertical or leaning 15° backward for launch, held by four blue supports.
  • A three points locking mechanism in the base launch clamps hold the rockets. Adapters are included, enabling the TEL to hold and lock both the Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy rockets.
  • 759 bricks.


This entire set includes 1,583 ordinary Lego bricks. It measures over 25" (64cm) high and 11.8” (30 cm) wide. 1:110 scale.

You can browse all the pictures of this project in high resolution and much more by clicking here.

In thanks for your support, we’d like you to be part of The SpaceX Lego Ideas design team and suggest future additions to the SpaceX fleet. Whether it’s the SpaceX Hanger, the drone ship ‘Of course I still love you’, the TEL railway & Tug, the new fairing recovery vessel ‘Mr Steven’ or just an improvement…tell us in the comments and we’ll work to build your suggestions!

To find out more, visit SpaceXFalcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon.

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