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Concorde Display Set


The Final Update! (New LDD file!)

As we approach the end of this project's run, I would just like to sum up the most critical bits of information in all the previous updates, as well as release one final update for the model.

Firstly, I have thought about some of the comments that point out that the nose is a little blocky while the visor is a little unrealistic, and agree that these are valid points. As such, I have revised the design for the nose, adding more cheese slopes and replacing the two 1 x 2 tiles(with grille) with two trans black 1 x 2 tiles.

Check out the new (final) model!:

LDD file available here* **

*Note: Some of you may notice that there is a slight disparity between my part count (1141 bricks, see below) and the LDD count (1111 bricks). This is because the file only includes the two extra tails (without part optimization) and not the extra white bricks required to remove the blue stripe along the fuselage.

**This LDD file is for personal use only. Please give credit where it is due. Thanks!

Now, to sum up:​

  • Final part count of Concorde and the Bristol Olympus is 889 bricks (Concorde=868, Olympus & trolley=21). This will be the base model, as proposed in the original draft, should Lego decide that the part count is too high to add any of the other accessories.Final model of the Olympus jet engine
  • Mobile staircases are each made up of 63 bricks, meaning that if two of them are added, the total part count will be brought up to 1015 bricks.1 x mobile staircase
  • Microfigures would be nice, but these are not so critical to the main idea so I won't be pushing for them

Lastly, the liveries:

  • To add the option for all three liveries, British Airways, Air France and British Airways (Classic), 126 bricks (possibly less if optimized further) are needed, so this would bring the part count up to 1015 bricks without the mobile staircases and 1141 bricks with the staircases.

A final word

Thanks everyone for such a a tremendously fun journey! When I first started out on Lego IDEAS my best projects merely had LDD screenshots for illustrations, but throughout this whole process I've had the refreshing, mind blowing, brain racking opportunity to learn POV-ray, simple code and how to run a social media campaign. 

It has been my pleasure to receive your delighted comments upon the release of a major update or the passing of a significant milestone and to see my model grow with your constructive criticism and input. Even if this project doesn't pass the review, I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to develop this project with you and experience what it's like to be a Lego designer, to build and to propose a new set.

Thank you, thank you all and have a magnificent New Year!

ABStract (Ethan Low)




8000+ supporters! LDD file released!

Wow! I never thought the project would make it this far! Just look at that number! As a little thank you gift, I have released the LDD file for Concorde (updated as of Aug 15), so you can still build your own Concorde even if the project does not pass the review. Download it here*

I will also soon be releasing an update for the nose section, and rest assured, you will be able to download the LDD file for that version of the model as well! ;)

*This LDD file is for personal use only. Please give credit where it is due. Thanks!




Featured on!

I can't read Korean, but Lee Taekyu's physical rendition of my model speaks for itself! He managed to reverse engineer the Concorde model using only the images I uploaded and I must say, the results are impressive. Good job man and thanks for sharing my work with the Korean Lego fan community! =D

Check out the full article here

Check out Taekyu's flickr photostream here

Isn't Concorde's full size awesome? ;)


5000+ supporters!

Halfway there, what an effort! And we couldn't have done it without you guys =D Many thanks to all who have shared and supported this project and let's keep on going to 10,000!

As promised, here is the update featuring the mobile ladders. If produced, the set would come with two of these little models to go with your Concorde. Enjoy!


New engine model!

Over the past few days, I have managed to shrink down the Bristol Olympus engine, such that it is now at the same scale as the aircraft!

Enjoy the photos and let's push on to 5,000 =D


Facebook page!

Apologies for not replying to a number of comments recently, it's been a crazy week and next week is likely to be similar; will answer all of the backdated comments as soon as all of this is over. In the meantime, enjoy the new Facebook page here! Remember to like, share and spread the word!


Updated model + new renders!

List of changes:

  • Tiled some regions of the wing
  • Re-shaped horizontal stabilizer slightly
  • Fixed fuselage taper so that it is now less blocky towards the tail cone
  • Colored jet exhaust nozzles black instead of dark metallic silver

Go forth and share these new images!

*Note-landing gear does not retract due to the complexity of the wheel bogies and internal space limits at this scale. However, extra parts can be included so that those people who want to build the model with landing gear up can do so.


Retweeted by Brian Ford!

Thank you very much Mr Brian Ford! 

Brian Ford is a British radio broadcaster. He was one of the original DJs on Radio Clyde, a division of Bauer Radio in Scotland, and was at one point in time a continuity announcer for BBC Scotland.


Studless fuselage update!

I know a number of you have suggested that I should make at least the fuselage stud-less, so I have done so... and it looks great! I have not tiled the wings as this would make it too thick, however. Enjoy and for those of you who are still wondering about BA or BOAC livery, scroll to the very bottom of this page ;)


Featured by GlenBricker!

A big thanks to GlenBricker for featuring this project (as well as many other projects of mine) on his blog and on Brickset!

GlenBricker is one of the most prominent bloggers of Lego Ideas, do check out his projects here


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