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Concorde Display Set

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The Aerospatiale-British Aircraft Corporation Concorde has to be one of the most famous and elegant airliners of all time. One of the only two SuperSonic Transports to enter commercial service, the other being the Tu-144 Charger, the Concorde revolutionized trans-Atlantic travel and set several astonishing world speed records. This came at a cost however, as some serious noise pollution was created from the frequent breaking of the sound barrier. The Concorde was nevertheless one of the safest passenger aircraft, with only a single fatal accident in 2000 which was due to debris on the runway. Finally, after almost 40 years of service, the Concorde's career came to an end in 2003, with all aircraft retiring from either British Airways or Air France service.

About the model:

I've always wanted to build a Concorde! With so many small-scale models around and already one impressive large scale model by Ed Diment (Lego Monster), I felt it was time someone attempted a mid-scale version. I also found it quite exciting to work on a more sculptural model, as I am more familiar with using smooth wedges at minifig scale. 

As a bonus I have included a slightly larger scaled model of the after-burning Bristol Olympus engine that powered the Concorde. Hope you will enjoy all the cool features such as the working visor, which I have only seen on one other Lego model (Ed Diment's).


  • Working nose droop mechanism, with lowering visor!
  • Movable control surfaces
  • Detailed fixed landing gear
  • Detailed fuselage & engine sections
  • Fuselage is built around a technic brick frame for maximum structural strength
  • Includes a slightly larger scaled Bristol Olympus engine on its dolly as part of the display set 
    • The Bristol Olympus, later produced by Rolls Royce, was the power plant of the Concorde
  • Part count: Concorde + Bristol Olympus= 838 + 58= 896 bricks
  • Measures an impressive 79.5 cm in length! Wingspan is 33 cm (in comparison, set 10177 Boeing 787 was 66 cm by 69 cm)

Share and support, let's see if we can get the attention of BA or Air France! It's high time we see this beautiful airliner in an official set ;)

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