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Yankee Engine And Caboose


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Based on the Yankee Tank engines of the 1940s, This model provides a tank engine that will give your layout an older flair. With plenty of room in the caboose for the crew of the engine, this set would give a more scaled train to the ever-growing size of the new LEGO City format! Personally, I had always been fascinated with building the steam engines I would see in old movies and television. In theory, that is where this whole Idea started, but I found myself gravitating towards more small steam engines, as they had a certain charm that was absent in the bigger engines of those eras. Seeking a lesser-known engine that had the characteristics of independence and power, I had created the engine, along with a caboose car with an interior, to have a more proportionate train for my personal LEGO layout, which can house a minifigure comfortably. If anyone would like to come along for the ride, I would greatly appreciate the support. Without further delay, full steam ahead!

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