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Yankee Engine And Caboose


115 people, and progress outside of the Ideas page

Hello everyone, once again, thank you for all of the immense support thus-far! This project has hit 115 people, something I couldn’t have achieved without all your support. In hopes of reaching 1000 supporters before the allotted time runs out, I have sought social media as a means to advertise this ideas page. With this, I hope to display the project to a greater audience. That being said, please feel free to mention this project to friends and lego enthusiasts! I have not had much experience with this process, so I am looking into how to better advertise the set, but I figured I would let everyone know what is going on in regards to the progress.
I will post more updates soon, but I wanted to keep everyone updated.

Have a nice weekend,



Hitting 100 and what is next…

Hello everyone, I’m greatly appreciative of the support and I am excited to see that we’re finally at 100! This is my first ideas set, and I’m excited to see what can happen next, but 100 people is astonishing! I hope to head for 1000, and I will be trying to put out some more updates as well!

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