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LNER Class A1 'Flying Scotsman'


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The Flying Scotsman is arguably the most iconic steam locomotive of all time, stemming from Gresley's classic A1 design in 1923, to its record-breaking run in 1934, where it became the first locomotive to officially break 100 mph, as well as run the 392 London-Edinburgh journey non-stop.

This project aims to bring a L-gauge-scale realisation of the iconic Pacific locomotive, focusing on detail and realism. The project consists of the locomotive itself in A1 form, although there are various changes which may be made to the final form if this does pass review, a corridor tender, and a section of track. The total piece count is 2327.

I originally designed this for the Brick Train Awards 2022, but decided I might as well submit it as an Ideas project just in case people liked it enough.

This would appeal to the large LEGO train community, providing an accurate realisation of an iconic locomotive. Additionally, the build experience is sure to be fantastic - I strove for NPU and interesting build techniques when designing this one, and hopefully the LEGO design team will adopt the same goal should this pass review. Lastly, this would be a great display model, perfect for that large empty space on your desk to distract you from your work.

If you like this model, please consider sharing, as this will gather a lot more support, and we may yet see this on the shelves! Thank you!

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