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Thomas the Tank Engine


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“Thomas, Is a Tank Engine, Who lives at a big station, on the Island of Sodor. He's a cheeky little engine, with six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler, and a short stumpy dome.” 

               Background Info

 Many Years Ago, in 1942, there was a young clergyman by the name of the Rev. Wilbert Awdry, who wrote stories about trains with faces to entertain his son Christopher, who was confined in bed with Measles. 3 years later, thanks to some convincing by his wife, the Rev. Had his stories published under the title “The 3 Railway Engines.” 1 year later, and the Rev. Published his second book about what would eventually become his most famous character: Thomas the Tank Engine. In 1984, TV producer Britt Allcroft took interest in the Rev. Awdry's stories and adapted them into a children's TV series called Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, which is still running today, continues to stir up interest in the Rev. Awdry's little stories. 

            LEGO Model

  The LEGO version of this iconic character would include the Number One Tank Engine himself. The model has been designed to accurately portray the character in his on-screen, TV series appearance as closely as possible. The model is also push-along in order to make it more appealing to younger children. 

  Behind Thomas, are his 2 faithful coaches, Annie & Clarabel. The coaches are short in length in order to, once again keep things accurate to the television series. They're also rather stubby, and are 8 studs wide, but that is to accommodate a face on the front end, why would be applied via decals. Inside Annie are 4 rows of seats, able to hold 12 minifigures, while Clarabel can only hold 9 minifigures, but does have a small space for a guard, which includes a small break lever.

Also included with the set are 4 minifigures: Thomas' Driver and Fireman, the Guard, and Sir Topham Hatt, otherwise known by his nickname, The Fat Controller, who's here to keep Thomas in check, making sure he is a “Really Useful Engine.”

Why I think this would make a Great LEGO Set
IThomas the Tank Engine is a beloved character all around the world, having transcended the Rev.'s stories, and becoming a cultural phenomenon. I'm part of a group of weirdos who still love Thomas the Tank Engine, despite not being the target demographic. I grew up watching Thomas on PBS Kids and on DVD, and I had both Wooden Railway & Trackmaster toys as a kid. Ultimately, I wanted to share that love for this little blue tank engine with the rest of the LEGO Community. Thomas' wide appeal to both children and nostalgic fans would make this set a fast seller for sure & for certain.

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