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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Trolley


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                  “It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor...”
                                                               Background Context
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was a television program that first began airing 1960, starring a kindly man named Mister Rogers, who taught children all about various subjects, many of which would be important for adulthood. The show soon became a staple of early PBS alongside the likes of Sesame Street and Bob Ross. The show aired for 41 years, with the last episode being aired in 2001. Arguably, one of the most recognizable features of the show, besides Mister Rogers Himself, was a little trolley model that would take guests on a trip to "The Land of Make Believe" each episode, where we would see a skit featuring the residents of the Land of Make Believe.
                                                                     The Model
 The Trolley Model itself, which made of 250 pieces, is designed to be as close to the TV program's Trolley as possible, and though it isn't perfect, it still embodies the spirit of the model seen in the television program. Unfortunately, because of that, The Trolley is unable to seat any minifigures, as the seats don't have enough room to seat them. This set would also includes a small loop of track to run the trolley around on, and one single minifigure: Mister Rogers Himself.
                                         Why I Think This Would Make a Great LEGO Set
   Mister Rogers Neighborhood is beloved by people all over the world. despite being a Christian Minister, the lessons he taught applied to everyone, and still remains relevant to this day. Also, the small size of the set, containing just 270 pieces, would make this set rather affordable, acting as a perfect introductory set to the LEGO Train system. 

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