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The Polar Express


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“Well, you coming?” “Where?” “Why to the North Pole of Course! This is The Polar Express!” 

  In 1985, self-acclaimed children's book author and illustrator Chris Van Allsburg published a children's book titled The Polar Express, which revolved around a young boy riding a magical train to meet Santa Claus. Fast Forward about 19 years to November 2004 and film director Robert Zemechis teams up with Warner Bros. Studios to adapt the classic book into an animated picture starring Tom Hanks called, yep, you guessed it, The Polar Express. 

   This Hypothetical LEGO version of the iconic train is headed by the 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive from the film. It's simple design makes the locomotive easier to build for younger builders, while also staying true to her “on-screen” appearance. The backhead of the locomotive is also fairly simple, but includes set of “controls” printed on a 1x4 tile, and an opening firebox door, revealing a “fire” behind. Behind the Berk is the Tender. And while the Tender is normally what provides the locomotive with fuel, the Tender here is used as the plot of power, as it is “pulled” by the locomotive. Inside the Tender are the nessesary power functions needed to operate the train, including the 8878 Rechargable Box, the IR reciever, the 88002 Battery Box, the 8884 IR Reciver, the 8887 Transformer (not shown), and the 8879 IR Speed Remote Controller (also not shown). Hiding all of this is a simulated coal load and water tank.

  Behind the tender are 3 passenger cars, designed to recreate iconic scenes from the movie. First up is the abandoned toy car, where Marionettes and old toys sit abandoned, simply left to rot for the rest of their existence. After that dreary experience, comes a normal passenger car, which contains 6 seats to seat your minifigures in. And finally, rearin' up the end of the train, is that lone observation car, where Billy from “the other side of the tracks” sits all by his lonesome. At the rear of the car is a rounded observation deck, just like the one seen in the movie. All of the passenger cars contain simulated snow on the roof, simulated doors, and simulated light in the windows to cap it all off. 

   Also included in this would be product is a large loop of track with a siding. On this loop is a large, snow-covered mountain tunnel loosely based on Flat Top Tunnel from the movie. And finally, there is also a little handcar propelled by 2 elves. 

Also included are 10 minifigures including the Hero Boy, The Hero Girl, the Know-it-all kid, Billy, The Conductor, the Hobo, Smoky the Fireman, Steamer the Engineer, and 2 elves.

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