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Lego Mythos

I was thinking since the Dracula has a minifigure put into a new theme (monster hunters) Why not the minfigures Minotaur and Spartan get their own theme. There could be a Heracles subtheme, a Perseus theme, Oddyssey, Illiad, and so on. There are so many possibilities and I know a ton of others believe in this theme.

Lego Zeus palace

*Updated Version of Zeus Temple
In this set Perseus asks Zeus how to defeat Medusa and Zeus gives Perseus a shield. Includes Pegasus, Zeus, Perseus, and Temple. In the future I plan to redesign the minifigure clothing as togas and spartan gear. Set price 15.99$

Lego Mythos Monster Collection
In this set it comes with 4 figures. 1.Lyacon 2. Polyphemus (cyclops) 3. Medusa 4. Minotaur
The other monsters are built not minifigures. If this is made Medusa would have a unique snake hair piece. Set price 9.99$

Mount Olympus
The set comes with 5 figures. 1.Poseidon 2.Zeus 3.Hades 4.Perseus 5. Pegasus
Set Price 49.99$

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